Eco friendly paint… from Farrow and Ball…

It’s a well known and much loved brand, but did you know that Farrow and Ball have an amazing ethos surrounding the environment and everything within it? 

Their eco-friendly paint formulas are made by using recyclable materials, reducing the impact on the earth without compromising on quality.

Back in 2010, Farrow and Ball were the first in the industry to move to an entirely water based range. Now, all of their paints are not only classed as Minimal or Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), but far exceed the standard for those categories.

VOCs are the culprits behind the strong smell of some traditional paints, a result of pollutants being released into the atmosphere as the paint dries. By contrast, their low odour finishes don’t release any nasty fumes, giving you a product that’s safe, comfortable to apply and live with, and kinder to the environment.

And let’s face it – who likes paint fumes?

Farrow and Balls uncompromising dedication to quality is evident in every component of our paint, from the responsibly sourced pigments that give it its rich colour to its iconic and infinitely recyclable tin.

Not only that they also only source ingredients from suppliers who share their ethos.

Its also child-friendly…

Farrow and Balls 100% water based Modern and Estate ranges aren’t just better for the world around us, they’re also certified child and baby safe in accordance with Toy Safety Standards, meaning they’re better for the little ones who share your world, too.

This is perfect timing in our office with a Bounce baby on the way!

With low odour, low levels of VOCs and quick drying formulations, our baby safe paint gives you the peace of mind to bring a splash of colour to cots, nurseries, children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

The gentle formulations are even safe to use on toys, so you can give their favourite playthings a colourful new look without worry, and they can carry on playing to their heart’s content.

Estate Emulsion, Estate Eggshell, Modern Emulsion, Modern Eggshell, Exterior Masonry, Exterior Eggshell and Full Gloss have all been independently tested and approved to meet Toy Safety Standards (BS EN 71 – 3:1995 – Safety of Toys).

This gives great peace of mind to parents.


Farrow and Ball don’t test any of paint on animals – they never have, and never will, so you can always rest assured that you’re painting your home with a proudly cruelty-free product.

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