Easy Ways to Cosy Up Your Bedroom for Winter

One of the worst things about winter has got to be getting out of bed in the morning. There’s nothing worse than having to stick a leg out of your lovely warm bed when it’s frosty outside, and most of us withdraw back in as quickly as we can. Creating a cosy bedroom can make this transition into the waking world a little more bearable. It can also help you to relax, unwind, and settle down at night. A cosy bedroom comforts you and protects you from the winter outside. It offers warmth and safety, no matter what is going on outdoors. Fortunately, there are some exceptionally easy ways to cosy up your bedroom as the weather starts to turn.

Add Layers

The easiest and often more effective way to add a cosier atmosphere to any room in your house is with layers and texture. Look for luxury wool blankets UK and add them to your bed, as well as piled on chairs and sides.

Layers can also make it easier to sleep, as they trap warm air better than one thick duvet, and can be more comfortable to sleep in, as they aren’t as heavy. You can find John Atkinson blankets at, which could be the perfect addition to your bedroom this winter. John Atkinson are thought to make some of the best blankets and throws, and Big Brand Beds stock a wide range, so you’re sure to find one to suit your décor.

Prioritise Your Bed

Your bed should be the focus of your bedroom. It should welcome you in, and help you to instantly relax. Layering it with blankets is great, but you can also add throw cushions, extra pillows and a fur bed runner to create a statement.

Add Heavy Textures

You might not like the idea of adding heavy blankets to your bed, but using think, heavier textures, like velvet curtains, shaggy rugs and wool blankets can automatically create a warmer atmosphere.

Utilise Soft Lighting

Bright overhead lights wake us up and help us to feel more alert, but generally, they are a cold light, that makes rooms seem bigger and airier. This might not be ideal in winter when you want to warm up. Instead, add lamps, candles and string lights, offering softer lighting options to highlight texture and warmth.

Create a Cosy Floor

The last thing that you want when you step out of that nice warm bed is to make contact with an ice-cold floor. Adding rugs, and even layering them up can give your feet something nice to step on, helping you to start the day right.

Add Darker Colours

We’re often encouraged to stick to lighter shades in the bedroom as they are more relaxing. However, whites and pale blues are also cooling. Add some darker colours to your textiles and accessories and work the rose gold and copper scheme instead of chrome and silver to create a much warmer space.

A cosy bedroom gives you the perfect haven from winter; somewhere warm to sleep, but also somewhere to cuddle up with a book and a hot chocolate when you need some comforting warmth.