Dress the Editor

The dynamic duo from Auburn Boutique, Beccles. Dress, Style and Photograph our Editor Rachel Ducker…

Lovely Layers

As we write this we are watching crisp red leaves dancing across the roads on this blustery autumnal day. So in keeping with the theme we thought it best we start by sharing this fabulous look that is inspired by the colours of the autumn leaves twirling our little shop by the church.

Warm tones like Burgundy, Chocolate and Tan are key this season; all are colours that we (along with the help of our trusty fashion source) predict will be key colours in play in the fashion world until well after SS17 begins. Burgundy featured daily on the AW16 catwalks of London Fashion week; as well as on the streets of Milan, Paris and New York.

But the real Go-to Trend this winter is ‘Layering’: Ponchos, Waistcoats, Coatigans, Shirts. You name it. We’ll layer it. Layering is so quick and easy to do and it is really effective

when done well. We’ve used unusual colour combinations, different proportions and textures for a fresh take on the linear look this winter. Not only does this outfit ooze style it is also a great alternative to wearing a coat.

Start simple. We chose to dress Rachel in our burgundy, black and white striped ‘Circle of Trust’ shirt. The Burgundy running through the shirt really complimented her skin tone so we decided to use this as our main colour base. We layered one of our knitted, burgundy waistcoats over the top and draped a staggered black pendant drop necklace around her neck to create lots of different dimensions and shapes within the layers. It’s important you do this when layering so that your outfit doesn’t look “boxy”.


We finished this effortlessly chic daytime look with an oversized tan bag, our favourite chocolate jeans and a pair of our brand new Chestnut tassel suede boots, available in sizes 3-8. They are a real go-to boot that can easily be paired with any outfit. The fringing gives them a dressy feel making them a great transitional shoe to help take any outfit from day to night. After only a week on the shop floor we have had to order a new style of shoe boot due to popular demand. Keep your eyes on our Facebook and Instagram page for frequent updates including a sneak preview of the next “Cara London” shoe to touch down at Auburn HQ.

Texture Clash

Cast aside any aspersions you might have about Texture Clashing. This season this unique trend has featured prominently on Gucci and Topshop Runways, and according to our source it is a fashion frenzy that is here to stay.  Clashing fabrics is so big this season, it begs the question…. is it a sign of things to come? Colour Clashing Maybe? Who knows.

Texture Clashing is all about having the confidence to pair the unexpected. With 80’s making a comeback this season why not incorporate the two and see what you’ve got hiding in the back of your wardrobe (or maybe even your mothers?) So ladies, dig out those leather look trousers and pair them with that oversized Chunky Knit jumper or maybe you could try on Cordouroy skirt from your younger years and give it a new lease of life with a silk chiffon top. The possibilities are endless.


The key to mastering this trend is to keep it simple – unfussy shapes paired with textured fabrics and minimal accessories are enough to make this look reach its full potential. We tested our ability to texture clash on Rachel and we have to say it is one of our favourite looks to date. We chose our oatmeal feather jumper because not only is it a soft knitted texture, it also has a contrasting feather that has been lightly embellished. Lighter and Finer knitwear is chic as well as cosy and can be perfect for both work and play.

A PU leather skirt was the next component to be added to this look. Every woman should own at least one black PU Leather skirt; it’s the perfect staple piece that can take any outfit from day to night with ease. The sleek, structured texture of the skirt completely contradicts the soft, drape of the jumper. These two simple pieces have automatically created the perfect ‘Texture Clash’ outfit. We paired with heels and a small bangle bracelet so the look can easily be worn from dawn til dusk.

Winter Warmers

This winter coats are back in a big way. They are no longer something we pull out every year to keep as warm they are a statement piece of stylish outerwear. With coats being such a statement piece this winter it’s definitely acceptable to buy more than just one; now if that’s not a good enough reason to celebrate the temperature dropping then we don’t know what is!

Our ‘Garcia Jeans’ are one of our favourite brands in store this winter. Modelled tastefully here by Rachel its beautifully made and tailored and gives this outfit a really luxurious look. Tailoring is key for AW16 and can completely change the dynamics of any outfit depending on what is worn underneath.


We’ve chosen to dress Rachel in a simple, boyfriend slouch T-shirt and a pair of our skinny leg denim jeans to create effortless textures and dimensions beneath that key outer layer. As soon as we added the coat the whole dynamic of the outfit changed and it became a structured and classic look that is perfect for everyday wear. The fox red shoes are from one of our Danish Designers and they really brighten up this outfit and give it a warm, autumnal feel. For a more romantic look, a simple sliptop can be tucked in.

To finish the look add an extra sheer layer to give a unpredictable chic edge. Don’t forget party season is nearing so pop in to see our vast range of party wear!


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Credit: Rachel Ducker (Model) Elle Bidnall (Photographer) Lauren Heaney (Stylist)