Don’t recycle – Upcycle!

By Rachel Ducker

With a second lockdown now in force, it gives us a chance to start thinking about those jobs we’ve been meaning to do.

For me, a while ago I received this ‘very wild’ circular footstool as a gift. Whilst it is really practical and handy to have in the house, it just doesn’t go with my autumn bedroom makeover in full swing I thought it was the perfect time to attempt a little upcycling my current colour scheme.

What is upcycling?

To upcycle is to reuse discarded objects or materials in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original – or more attractive in this case.

Our step by step guide to upcycling your ottoman or footstool…

  • Create a template of the circular top – I just used the cardboard box the fabric arrived in.
  • Using the circular template – pin the piping chord around the edge of this so that it creates a circle on the good side of the fabric.
  • With a sewing machine attach the chord to the material.
  • Take the second piece of fabric and attach this piece to the other side of the piping chord, then sew on to attach the two sections.
  • Once the two pieces are attached check it fits.
  • Sew up the seam and then fit the cover like a sock.
  • Once on – use a stapler to upholster the bottom of the fabric to the base and cover with another piece of circular fabric (I reused what was there before).

I was so impressed with the finished result, it goes to show with a little bit of an effort you can bring anything back to life and in this case give it a luxury makeover.

Watch my YouTube video here to see how I transformed my ottoman / footstool >

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