DIY Pamper Session with So in Vogue…

As we enter another long week in lockdown, the situation may have left you feeling rundown, or at least pretty fed up.

With spas, beauty salons and hair dressers remaining closed what better way to pamper yourself than a spa at home session.

You may have a birthday coming up and want to spoil yourself or you may simply need a bit of TLC.

We have teamed up with So in Vogue to give you our favourite DIY spa products for hands, face and body and hair, the complete makeover!


Brushworks 6 Way Buffer – Shape & Shine

A simple to use all in one buffer. Everything you need in one with 6 step by step instructions.

Eye Candy – Gel Wrap System

The Eye Candy Gel Wrap System consists of a revolutionary dual polymer formulation that is designed to create a long lasting, ultra-durable high shine finish.

This unique formulation ensures longevity by encapsulating the colour between patented plasticisers and resins. The Top Coat and Base Coat contain volcanic glass and shellac which gives the final results of a glorious ultra-wet look polish.

Directions for use:

  1. Apply one coat of ‘Start’ Base Coat to the natural nail and allow to dry.
  2. Apply your chosen choice of nail colour; again, allow to dry.
  3. Apply a coat of the ‘Finish’ Top Coat to seal in the colour.

To remove, use a polish remover and remove as you would with regular nail polish.

No need for salons!

Brushworks Toe Separators

Ideal for separating toes for filing, buffering, or any other pedicure tasks.
Make pedicures easier by helping to protect fresh nail polish as it dries.

Nail HQ Cuticle Oil

Intensive oil therapy treatment designed to deeply hydrate the nail bed and cuticles. Rejuvenating dry and deteriorated nails with Almond, Hemp and Avocado Oil infused with Vitamin-E which keeps nails conditioned & supple.

Brushworks Cuticle Nippers

Made from a durable stainless steel, these Cuticle Nippers have a gentle spring action for fine cutting and accurate tidying of ragged cuticles and hangnails.

Face and Body

Day time EyeCandy (Naturalise) False Eyelashes – 101

Eye Candy False Eyelashes Naturalise #101 are hand cut silk lashes and come with a lash glue included. Offering length and fullness compared to your natural lashes, these will accentuate your eyes for everyday use whilst still offering subtleness to your look.

Eye Candy False Eyelashes are cruelty-free and Vegan Friendly and have been certified by PETA. All lashes are re-usable, made in Indonesia and include a lash adhesive.

Night time Eye Candy Dramatise False Eyelashes – 106

Eye Candy False Eyelashes Dramatise #xxx are a set of highly dramatic silk lashes which include a free lash glue. For the dramatic party look for your eyes, Eye Candy Dramatise wispy lashes create an intense look that will enhance your eyes.

Eye Candy False Eyelashes are cruelty-free and Vegan Friendly and have been certified by PETA. All lashes are re-usable, made in Indonesia and include a lash adhesive.

Eye Candy Original Palette

A highly pigmented, ultra-velvety and silky collection of 12 neutral, taupe shades containing a long wearing formula to ensure your makeup is picture perfect all day. The Original Collection eyeshadow palette includes a mix of soft powder and shimmery tones, perfect for creating subtle daytime looks or a bold evening eye. With a mixture of nudes, browns and a black the palette will be sure to create  a range of looks that add definition or refined depth to the eyes.

The palette comes with a full-sized mirror and a double-end shadow brush, perfect for all your makeup needs!

Lash serum with fibers and mascara – Eye Candy Mega Lash 3 in 1

Lash Serum helps to give the appearance of longerthicker lashes. The Lash fibers thicken and lengthen for a full false lash effect. Formulated with Capixyl™ to condition while regular term use promotes lower drop out, better anchorage and proven lash re-growth. The added mascara in the lash serum adds an instant voluminous and lengthening effects to your natural lashes.

  • Instantly gives the appearance of thicker, fuller looking lashes.
  • Reduces eyelash loss.
  • Promotes eye lash re-growth.
  • Formulated with an powerful active for eyelash growth and for decreasing the lash loss process.
  • Lash Serum contains Capixyl™ which has clinical results to prove its anti-lash loss effect and lash re-growth.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Fragrance Free and Paraben Free.

Brow Growth Serum – Eye Candy Brow XLR8

Brow XLR8’s exclusive formula contains SymHair Force 1631, which is clinically proven to condition and encourage hair re-growth & to increase hair density, making it perfect for fuller brows. Formulated with an original extract from a South Pacific Micro-Algae, acknowledged for its high nutritional value and active potential.

• Daily use helps to give the appearance of thicker & denser brows
• Encourages hair re-growth
• Increases hair density
• Not tested on animals
• Fragrance free and paraben free

Brushworks HD Blush Kabuki

This Kabuki brush is designed to create an airbrushed finish on the face & body effortlessly. Perfect for buffing in your foundation for flawless coverage, the slanted head also makes sculpting and contouring simple. It is also ideal for foundation, powdered shimmers & bronzers.

Our premium professional brushes are hand crafted for detailed shape and cut. The Luxuriously soft brush heads are ideal for loose, pressed and liquid makeup. The aesthetically designed slender handles are skilfully sculpted for superior hold and control.

Our Cruelty-Free & Vegan-Friendly brushes deliver flawless application, every time.


So Eco Biodegradable Detangling Leaf Brush

Designed to keep hair smooth & tangle-free. Air flows through the brush for fast blow drying.

Brushworks Hair Wrap

The Brushworks Hair Wrap – Duo, two super-absorbent and lightweight microfiber wraps which swiftly absorb the water from your hair. The one-size fits all hair wraps allow your hair to dry naturally, reducing damage compared to air drying. The simple and easy button fastening wrap guarantees that your hair stays in place, no matter your hair type.

This duo pack allows you to machine wash one, whilst you use the other, making this an essential bathroom accessory and a great alternative from heavy bath towels, which could cause hair breakage.

This Brushworks Hair Wrap is 100% Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.

If these products don’t have you feeling like a princess during lockdown – nothing will!

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