Diamonds are a girl’s best friend with these sparkling Bingo rooms

Love a bit of glitz and glamour? Well, this might be the perfect slot for you. Set within glittering Bingo rooms, these games are named after valuable gems and metals, to give you a taste of the high life. If you want to win big you have to start somewhere, and why not with the best online Bingo games at Paddy Power?

Read on as we fill you in on the way to play these top Bingo games.

Crystal Room

In this 90-ball Bingo game, each ticket is an individual grid of 27 squares made up of three rows and nine columns. Each row is made up of five numbers and four blank squares, with 15 numbers appearing on every ticket. Like most 90-ball Bingo games, a strip consists of six tickets, with every number from one through to 90 appearing on every full strip. For each Bingo game, you’re allowed to buy a total of six strips, totalling 36 tickets total.

There are three prizes to be won in this game – one line, two lines and House/Bingo. To get the first line prize, the player will have to have crossed off all numbers that are displayed in a horizontal line on their ticket. Similarly, for the two-line prize, all numbers on two lines of the ticket must be called out and crossed off. To get the House prize you’ll have to have all the numbered squares on your ticket called and cross off. Luckily for those of you that lack a keen eye when it comes to finding your numbers, the game’s system will tick them off for you, so even if you miss your numbers being called out,you’ll still get the prize! More than one player can win each prize, and the total will be distributed evenly between all winners.

Silver Room

In this 80-ball Bingo game, a ticket consists of an individual grid of 16 squares with four rows and four columns. Each one of these squares contains a number, ranging anywhere from one to 80. You can also buy strips for each game, giving you more chances to win, with five tickets included on each.

In these games there are four different ways to win, slightly more complex than the standard ways that we are used to:

A single line – first player who crosses off all numbers in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, four corners or four middle squares
Any line, House – here are two prizes on offer, first you must get a single line as we’ve explained above, then you will aim to get all 16 numbers crossed off on your ticket to gain House
Any line, Columns, House – here there are four prizes. Get the single line prize, then you must mark off two full lines vertically (2 columns) as well as three lines vertically (3 columns), and finally there’s the chance to get House by ticking off all numbers.
Full House – some games only offer the chance to get one prize, requiring the player to have a full ticket of crossed off numbers.