Devola Designer WiFI Panel Heaters

Devola panel heaters are the sleek, modern way to heat your home. With a contemporary glass front panel, it can effortlessly blend into any room of your house. And with WiFi connectivity, you can pair it to the smart home assistant of your choice for intuitive control.

Sleek Design

Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate varying power outputs each unit measure only 80mm in depth making them sit flush against your walls for a sleek look. If wall mounting isn’t for you then the included detachable feet can be installed allowing you to place the panel heater anywhere around the home.

Unrivalled Energy Efficiency

All Devola designer panel heaters are LOT20 Compliant and feature innovative Open Window Detection. If the heater is in operation and it records a sudden and then sustained drop in temperature, the unit will turn themselves off so as not to waste energy.

Along with this feature is a full 24 hour 7 day timer allowing you to set exactly when you require the heat. Setting the panel heater to run for an hour in before a cold room will be occupied will make for a comfortable environment when you need it.

Smart Home Connectivity

With the rise in popularity of smart home assistants many people are looking for smart solutions to their problems. Devola Designer panel heaters are available with WiFi connectivity through Tuya which can then link to Google Assistant or Alexa for effortless control.

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