Decking makeover…

Summer is almost here and what better place to spend the warm sunny days than in the garden, but what about if there are a few areas of your garden that are looking a little tired and run down?

This month we are looking at how to revive your decking.

This area can be a wonderful spot to put your garden furniture, flower pots or even create a little sun haven.

We enlisted the help of one of our Bounce Team. They very kindly let us into their garden for a decking revival day.


The decking stain has worn since last summer, flower pots are looking tired, the fence could do with a little repaint in areas, plus the garden furniture needs a clean.

1. Clean the decking…

On day one: We started off with cleaning the decking. For this we used the Ronseal Decking Cleaner & Reviver. It’s ideal for cleaning old decking and preparing new wood. It opens the pores of the wood so your oil or stain will adhere and leave you with a longer lasting finish.

If you go to this link here > you can calculate how many bottles you need. We only needed one.

2. Rinse and refresh…

To remove the cleaner we used the Kacher K2 Pressure washer, you can read our full product focus on this here >

We found this so easy to set up and use. The parts simply click together, then you plug your hosepipe directly into the main system. In fact because it was so much more powerful than a normal hose pipe it was only a 5-10 minute job.

We had to let the decking dry over night – ready for staining the next day.

3. Staining the decking…

On day two… First of all we made sure it was going to be a dry day and we were in luck. The product we used to stain the decking was the Ronseal Perfect Finish Decking Stain in Country Oak.

It includes a decking pad too for application so there is no need to purchase any additional products for application.

It provides long-lasting protection and available in eight different colours, it ensures your decking looks better for longer and can be used on both softwood and hardwood deckings.
We decided to do three coats for a slightly darker result. 

4. The Finishing Touches… 

Finally we gave the furniture a little clean, repainted the fence (ensuring the decking was covered first)! replanted the plant pots and added a shade sail for when the summer sun gets too hot.


We also added a firepit for added effect and these solar lights for when night time comes so that the decking is usable all day long.


Ronseal Decking Cleaner & Reviver –

Ronseal Perfect Finish Ultimate Protection Decking Stain –

Kacher K2 Pressure Washer –

Lanterns (pair) –

Firepit –

Solar Lights –