Dealing With Winter Weather On An Unadopted Road

If you live on or own a business on an unadopted road, then maintenance may be your responsibility. This can pose some problems, particularly during the winter months, so it is essential to know your responsibilities and how best you can fulfil them.

What Is An Unadopted Road?

An unadopted road is a road that usually has public access but is not maintained by a local authority or national highway maintenance. They are not part of the public road network, meaning they are essentially private roads but with public access.

Finding Out If You Are Living On An Unadopted Road

When you are in the process of buying a new property, you will be able to find out if the property is on an unadopted road. You can do this by talking with your local council, querying with neighbours, or doing a Highways Search. You must find out a property is on an unadopted road before you buy and carefully consider whether you are happy with sharing the responsibility for upkeep.

Who Is Responsible For Maintenance

Usually, with unadopted roads, the duty for maintenance falls on the homeowners on that road. This will include you if you decide to purchase a property on an unadopted road. You should carefully consider the cost and effort that maintaining an unadopted road may put on you and your family before deciding to buy.

Snow And Ice

One of the most common winter problems with unadopted roads is a lack of gritting and salt spreading services. These services are carried out on adopted roads by highway maintenance but will usually not be carried out on unadopted roads.

This means it is down to you and your neighbours to ensure that your roads get treated to help prevent slips, falls and car accidents. It would be helpful if you ensure that there is a grit bin that is well stocked that you and your neighbours can use to grit their pavements, paths and the road outside their homes. As this will cost money and be for the community’s good, you could suggest banding together to pay for grit.

You could also enlist the services of a professional gritting service. Particularly if your business is on an unadopted road, you have a duty of care to staff and customers to ensure that their way is as clear of ice as possible. Have a look at Gritting Works, an expert gritting company that specialises in providing services to businesses and have an excellent track record.

Dealing With Potholes

Bad weather and heavy use of roads can cause potholes. This is particularly true in winter when icy and snowy conditions can cause damage to road surfaces. If potholes occur, then it is essential to deal with them as soon as you can. Quick fixing of potholes can prevent unnecessary damage to vehicles and prevent the pothole from getting worse.