Dagsmejan Swedish Temperature Controlled Sleepwear…

After a good night’s sleep we feel refreshed and energised, ready to make the most of each day with a clear mind.

That’s why Dagsmejan developed a unique range of sleepwear designed for incredible sleep comfort all night, every night.

With a super soft touch as well as unique moisture-wicking and temperature management properties, Dagsmejan is scientifically proven to boost sleep comfort.


Temperature fluctuations during the night impact our sleep negatively.

Dagsmejan’s sleepwear is scientifically proven to  help you to get a better sleep by staying in the ideal climatic comfort zone. The best temperature for sleep for a deeper and longer sleep.

This month sees the launch of their new Balance 2.0 collection for Summer.

The Balance 2.0 collection provides 4 Unique Benefits including:

TEMPERATURE – The patented high-tech, lightweight and breathable natural fibres offer thermo-regulation through the night.

SWEAT – Moisture-wicking zones have been added to help keep you dry and comfortable.

FIT – The 4-way stretch enhances fit and offers a natural range of movement.

COMFORT – No tags and flat ergonomic seams ensure a non-friction, no-rub experience.

PLUS the Balance 2.0 collection will:

– Keep you in the ideal climatic zone for longer, giving the wearer a deeper and longer sleep.

– Keep your skin 1°C cooler during the night versus cotton even as the room temperature rises.

– The 100% natural Nattwell ® fabric used in the new collection is:

6 x more breathable than cotton
4 x better at drawing moisture away from the skin
2 x softer than cotton

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