CURAPROX Baby created by orthodontists, designed for your children & you. CURAPROX baby products help parents to get their children used to regularly brushing without the tears. From the first few months the CURAbaby teething ring and then our unique CURAkid toothbrush are perfect yet gentle tools to use with a baby and toddler making dental care both fun and enjoyable.

Having a more playful approach to oral hygiene at a young age ensures that milk teeth and in turn subsequent adult teeth get the very best start in life. Milk teeth are the placeholders for subsequent adult teeth and support the development of speech as well as of the jaw and face. A lot of damage can be prevented with the correct, gentle products. The need for orthodontic treatment in teenagers is often caused by using the wrong pacifier in early years. CURAPROX works with key oral experts to ensure that babies get the gentlest oral care right from the very start.

This baby starter kit includes a two-pack of size 0 soothers perfect for new borns, a teething ring with integrated first toothbrush to help with the first signs of teething & a two-pack of baby toothbrushes for when that first tooth emerges. This starter kit comes in two different colour combinations for baby girls and boys.  The perfect gift for that new bundle of joy.

Soother Duo Pack

Available in three sizes (suitable for 0-7 months, 7-18 months and 18-36 months) the CURAPROX Baby soother is like no ordinary soother; the flat tip gives the palate room, so it does not take an abnormally arched shape which could lead to orthodontal treatment in later years or altered speech. It prevents teeth from moving as well as promoting healthier breathing and sleeping. The side wings on the soother guide the suction pressure to the jaw rather than the palate, ensuring the dental arch develops a nice round shape. The pack come with a box to store soothers and sterilise after use.


Orthodontic Teething Ring

Making teething a more pleasant experience, the different contours on the teething ring allow babies to bite firmly, eliminating teething pain and the need to use gels to alleviate pain. The teething tings act as a stimulator to get little ones curious about brushing, especially with the addition of the small ‘training toothbrush’ on the teething rings – this adjusts babies to the formation of a toothbrush.

Baby Toothbrush

This award-winning, compact toothbrush with a rubberised brush head reached all areas of the mouth, ensuring no tooth remains uncleaned. There is also no danger of injury, thanks to the soft rubberised brush head.

All CURAPROX brushes use CUREN bristles which are incredibly fine ensuring a fun and effective removal of plaque, therefore make teeth cleaning a fun and more pleasurable experience – the main aim behind the range.

Wonderfully gentle yet also extremely efficient, the rounded handle on the toothbrush ensures children hold on to the toothbrush correctly from the beginning and also prevents excessive pressure.

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