Creating the perfect BBQ at home… the latest trends!

We are mid-way through summer and with the weather heating up what better time for a BBQ?

With social distancing guidelines still in place we want to give you our top tips and the latest trends for creating the perfect home BBQ set up.

What kind of BBQ?

Gas or charcoal? They both come in all shapes and sizes, and with a variety of features.

Gas barbecues combine gas hobs and grill bars to give you a versatile and easy-to-use outdoor cooker. If you want a grill that’s simple to get going and which offers lots of handy features, a gas barbecue could be the choice for you.

Charcoal is the go-to for those who like their barbecues traditional and full of authentic, smoky flavours.

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What time for a BBQ?

Some people BBQ all year round, especially when they have the weather for it.

We are not suggesting you stand outside with your umbrellas out, but autumn barbecue recipes usually reflect our bodies’ craving for something a bit heartier and more substantial and flavoursome. Whereas summer barbecues usually consist of plenty of colourful summer salads featuring special ingredients straight from the field.

At Bounce we encourage you to BBQ all year round! Take a peak below at what some of our neighbours are up to with the BBQs…

BBQ Favourites?

Beef burgers are a barbecue staple. We like ours stacked high with cheese and mustard in a brioche bun!

Pulled pork is also a great recipe to feed a crowd at a BBQ.

Looking for some plant-based options for your BBQ? Vegan burgers are a must, with their full-on flavour and meaty texture. for a vegan alternative to pulled pork, served in a burger bun with apple slaw. BBQ jackfruit is a super meaty substitute with a sweet, fruity taste – an ideal plant-based BBQ option.

Prawns make for a quick, simple and delicious BBQ dish. Believe it or not, they pair a treat with gooseberries – try them together in this super simple BBQ recipe.

And don’t forget the BBQ veg!

Carbs or Salad?

Meats may be the star of many food gatherings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pair them with low-carb, keto-friendly sides. 2020 has been the year of change to say the least and with the extra time you spend at home, now is the perfect time to try out some new recipes to impress everyone at your next socially distanced gathering.

What drinks to prepare?

When you’re planning a barbecue, one thing you don’t want is to be playing bartender all night. You want BBQ drinks that can be fixed in bulk and served from pitchers or even a beverage server.

And you want cocktails that are light and refreshing, so they cut through the grease from those heavy foods. You want these drinks to provide some serious hydration for everyone in that hot sun, with ingredients like soda water.

And finally, they need to stand up to ice, because you’re going to want to serve them over quite a bit of that.

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