Cooking & Carafes

Cooking & Carafes is headed up by Kate.

Food blogger, pasta maker and wine drinker.

Based in Hertfordshire,  inspired by her experiences in Italy and beyond,  a venture into the wine industry and a career in marketing, she decided to create Cooking & Carafes.

“I started Cooking & Carafes as a food blog. A little project I could call my own, where I could experiment with meals in my kitchen. I’d take a few photos, put it all online somewhere and then using my marketing skills to bring it all together for people to use as a resource for Italian inspired recipes.” says Kate.

“The blog is based around my my passion for cooking. After years of holidaying in the Italy and spending a summer working in Sardinia in my 20s, I have a long term love affair with the country, the food, and wine”.

Kate also hosts an online shop on her website for others who share the love for cooking and pasta!

We love the pasta tool gift set, perfect for pasta lovers and foodies alike. It includes three pasta tools and three Cooking & Carafes recipe cards.

Pasta Tool Gift Set includes:

  • 1 x Garganelli Board – made from Beechwood and Made in Italy

  • 1 x Pasta Cutter

  • 1 x 70mm x 70mm Ravioli Stamp

  • 3 x Cooking & Carafes Recipe Cards

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Kate is a huge advocate for home cooking and cooking from scratch. She is the kind of person that looks in the fridge and decides what to make with whatever’s in there, bringing it together with store cupboard ingredients.

As part of this ethos she champions ways to reduce food waste, always trying to keep her recipes flexible to give you the confidence to substitute ingredients.

Leaving things out, or adding in something else that’s in the fridge all means there’s no waste, and you’re making a meal with ingredients you enjoy and can easily get hold of. You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen or have lots of special ingredients to cook delicious meals.

You’ll also find her regularly sharing what she is cooking up in the evenings over on her insta stories.

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