Contemporary and Stylish Air-Purifying Plants for the office

from The Little Botanical

With the winter nights drawing in and employees starting to move back into office spaces after a strange 18 months, why not look into freshening up your workspace with some greenery? 

British plant and lifestyle brand, The Little Botanical is here to help you bring a bit of your own home to the office and transform your desk into a space of calm, relaxation and positivity. The brand encourages people to see the benefits of being around plants that are easy to care for to help reduce the constant stresses of modern life. Plants also act as natural air-purifiers, removing pollutants from chemicals found in things like furniture and cleaning products.

Perfect for building an indoor jungle in the boardroom, or simply just adding a touch of green to your desk, The Little Botanical, offers a wide collection of contemporary succulents and houseplants, styled in bespoke ceramics and baskets, perfect for bringing some colour and comfort back into the workplace. No plant knowledge is needed with this easy-care range and The Little Botanical team are on hand to provide top care tips when needed.

What makes their products even more unique is that the pots and baskets come included so there’s no hidden extra costs. These low maintenance botanicals are perfect for adding style to any area of the office and bringing that sense of home which we are all now so used to. 

Please find below our selection of Air-Purifying Plants and Bundles perfect to spruce up any office space, more can be found at 

Desk Plant Gang £38.50 This beautiful green trio will bring life to your desk and keep you company in the office. They’re easy to care for and only need watering every 3-4 weeks, so you can get on with your work without worrying about them.
Air Purifying Bundle £50.00 Create a green oasis with this bundle that looks fab whilst purifying the air around you. Bring the outside in to feel nature around you, improve your overall well being and add some serious style to your office space.
The Copper House Gang £76.00   This Copper Gang will be a stunning addition to your office jungle. The beautiful Philodendron comes in its own house with a little extra height to allow it to trail beautifully. Place it on a shelf or in the boardroom to bring the space to life.

Devil’s Ivy in Marble Planter with Stand (Tall) £38.00   Devil’s Ivy works well in both darker corners and lighter spots making it so easy to maintain. The green leaves against the gorgeous marble plant stand will make it an office favourite and with its air purifying properties, what’s not to love?