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Terms & Conditions

The Affordable Lifestyle Magazine: 2021 Terms & Conditions

For Advertisement, Paid Editorial, Website & Insert Bookings and Content Supplied to the magazine.

1. The Publisher (Bounce Magazine Ltd), will not be liable for any loss or damage consequential or otherwise occasioned by error, late publication, or the failure of an advertisement to appear from any cause whatsoever. If the advertiser approves a proof before the item is sent to print they will be liable for any errors that may occur.

2. The Advertiser warrants that the advertisement does not contravene any Act of Parliament nor is it in any other way illegal or defamatory or an infringement of any other party’s rights or an infringement of the British Code of Advertising Practice.

3. The Advertiser will indemnify The Publisher against any damage and/or loss and/or expense, which the publisher may incur as a direct or indirect consequence of The Advertiser’s announcement.

4. Copy must be supplied by the advertiser, by the publication deadline. The publisher takes no responsibility for copy or photography that is supplied to us in good faith that any copyrights have been discussed and purchased with the photographer or image provider.

In the event of copy instructions or finished artwork not being supplied by the due date, The Publisher reserves the right to repeat the copy/artwork last used, alternatively the right to publish only the name and address of The Advertiser. In either case, the total price of the order will remain unaltered.

5. It is understood and agreed that copyright in designs and text prepared by The Publisher shall remain his property unless paid for and agreed. Advertisements including such material may not be reproduced elsewhere without consent.

6. The Publisher cannot accept responsibility for changes in copy unless these are confirmed in writing and received by the deadline. The Publisher reserves the right to charge for any additional expenses involved in such changes.

7. Copy matter must conform to The Publisher’s requirements. Any additional work required may be charged for.

8. The Publisher is not responsible for any loss or damage howsoever arising due to the quality of reproduction of any photographs supplied.

9. The Publisher cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to artwork, photographs or other material submitted by The Advertiser, we do not send proofs for artwork that is sent to us print ready.

10. Cancellation or reduction of any advertisement must be notified in writing to The Publisher an edition prior to the cancellation date.

11. Cancellation of the advertisement or insertion will incur the following fee:

a) Less than 3 weeks the advert will still be chargeable in full.

12. Advertisements are invoiced upon the release of the publication. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse to publish an advertisement where payment terms have not been agreed with the client.

13. Prepayment discounts are available upon The Advertisers request.

14. The signing of the Ad Placement Instruction shall amount to acceptance of these conditions.

15. If you fail to pay Bounce Magazine Ltd’s invoice within 14 days from the date of invoice, we reserve the right to claim interest on overdue accounts in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts.

Thank you,

The Bounce Team