Considering Dental Treatment Overseas?

Here’s What You Need to Know

The full cost of dental implants in the UK can end up costing thousands, so it is no wonder that people travel abroad to get dental work done. However, there is often a bad stigma surrounding these practices (generally amongst the misinformed), who think that having cheaper dental work must mean it is of a lesser quality than if it was done in your home country. Whilst it is true that some people have dental horror stories when looking to save money, this is far from the normal experience. We want to give you some key pointers to ensure you know what you’re getting into, and help avoid any potential problems.

They Can Be Completed to a Very High Standard

The misconception that implants abroad will be of lesser quality is exactly that, a misconception. Orthodontists and dentists abroad often require the same, if not better, credentials to perform this type of work than they do in the UK. Every year, thousands of Brits travel to countries like Turkey to get medical treatment done, and over 40% of these are concerned with the teeth. It therefore follows that thousands of people clearly have stellar experiences, as they know what to look for. This follows to the next point.

Know What to Look For

This cannot be expressed enough. You should really do your research as to who you are seeing, and find out what exactly their credentials are. This is to make the possibility of a problem minimal. A good place to start is to look on the about us pages, where it will tell you a bit about the dentists; however, this is entirely subjective. We recommended finding individual reviews of the services provided, and stay clear of any company that does not have a crystal-clear track record. Myradental is one of the companies that offer dental implants in Turkey are a great example.  Myra have a vast quantity of 5 star reviews, and offer extremely competitive rates yet don’t compromise on quality when it comes to implants.

Be Prepared for Multiple Visits

This is one that people often forgot to think about, and a common misconception is that the dental implant is done in one session, and after this you leave and never come back. In reality, two or even three visits may be necessary. This is something that people need to think about as it can really inflate the costs and substantially erode the savings you are making when you factor in the costs of travel and accommodation etc. when it comes to returning to the clinic.

Though a misconception is there about dental work abroad generally, this blog post hopefully helps to put your mind at ease that the horror stories are a rarity (and really you only hear about them as they make for good reading). If dental news was just a comprehensive list of successful services, it wouldn’t really be news at all! Do be pro-active, however, and try to find a clinic that has a great reputation. After all they are your teeth!