Circus Cortex comes to town…

The Circus Cortex are on the mission to get a great high quality circus show to all the people in the UK, also covering the smaller towns, which often get missed by bigger productions.

They will be starting in East Anglia. 

This is a circus with a difference – they are passionate about families and family values.

Circus is one of the easily absorbable Art forms where you can bring 2-3 years old and they will be mesmerised for 2hrs and where their older brother and sisters, mums and dads, and grandparents will have something to be amassed about. We love seeing little ones trying to do cartwheels on the way out of the Big Top and we are hoping that seeing good Circus at early age will inspire them to take some form of Arts up when they older,” says mother and director of Circus Cortex, Irina Archer.

“Circus for us is a way of life, it is something very special to us, something we get up in the morning for and something we go sleep with. It is so addictive, so when I first performed in the Circus 23 years ago in South America and USA, I never dreamed to be still here (involved with the Circus) 23 years later,” she adds.

“We would like to protect that Magic feeling you get when you become a part of the Circus, the feeling of belonging to something extraordinary and so unique, yet at the same time so simple. A world within a world which becomes your home forever, no matter where you are or where you are from. This is what the real Circus is. It is ALIVE, it BREATHES, it HURTS, it TEACHES, it MAKES YOU THINK but most importantly it makes you FEEL!  We want to invite our audience to experience all this and more with us and become a part of our family at least for one night at CIRCUS CORTEX!”

All of their artists will be arriving for rehearsals and quarantine in the middle of June and we will open on 8 July 2021 in Mildenhall.

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Get a sneak peak via the video below!