Choosing your heated towel rail…

Deciding to put a heated towel rail in the bathroom is one of the most common home improvements to make.

We hate damp towels at Bounce HQ, so having the ability to hang up your towels and get them dry before they need to be used again is a simple, but important luxury!

We’ve all had that horrible experience of using a still-damp towel on a cold winter’s morning.

But there is a solution, installing a heated towel rail gets rid of that problem once and for all.

What size do I need?

Before we get onto looks lets look at the practicalities!

Working out where in your room is best to install your heated towel rail will help to establish the dimensions you need.

Most heated towel rails come in a vertical orientation, so even if you have a lack of horizontal space, you can make use of upward space that isn’t normally used.

Even if you have limited horizontal and vertical space, you may be surprised at the small sizes of heated towel rails available, so don’t write off small spaces too quickly.

What type of heated towel rail do I need?

This is not a question related to style or finish. Rather, it is to do with the type of central heating system that you have.

Most people have a standard, or conventional, hot water central heating system. This is where a gas boiler is connected to a thermostat and heats up water that gets pumped around your home via pipework into radiators.

Electric heated towel rails come with a couple of options. You can either get a non-thermostatic (or single heat) heated towel rail or a thermostatic (variable heat) heated towel rail.

If you have a dual fuel heating system…

This is a heating system that operates both via a conventional, gas boiler, hot water central heating system but also has heating that connects to the mains electrical supply.

What colour heated towel rail should I choose?

Deciding on the aesthetics of your heated towel rail is the most exciting part of the process.

Once you’ve done the very important (but also mundane) tasks of working out dimensions and location, you can reward yourself by selecting a heated towel rail that fits in to your interior design plan.

There are a select few colours of heated towel rails that manufacturers produce and the range is pretty standard across the industry.

The colour you choose is entirely up to your individual taste and is entirely dependent on the type of look that you want to achieve in your bathroom, ensuite, kitchen or any other place you’re considering adding a towel rail.

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  • Flat Front
  • Chrome-Plated Mild Steel Construction
  • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee (T&Cs Apply)
  • Suitable for Domestic Central Heating

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