Choosing an Online Vape Store: What You Need to Know

Vaping has gained popularity in recent years to become a common social and recreational activity for people worldwide. The vaping industry has stores on and offline selling a variety of products. Most people prefer to shop online as there is more choice and it is more convenient. However, with so many online vape stores, it can be challenging to decide which one to use, especially for first-time buyers.

Read on for the crucial considerations you need to make when choosing an online vape store.

The Site Itself

Before purchasing on any website, it is crucial to verify the safety and security of the site. Verifying the legitimacy of a website is easy enough once you know what to look for. Have they got a privacy statement to show how they use your information? Do they have an address and a phone number? Only legitimate businesses tend to have these, and you can also look up the address and phone number if you aren’t sure. Legitimate websites also have a padlock in the URL bar to show that they are secure. Never buy from any online store that doesn’t have one.


Any online store needs to be easily navigated by customers as their purpose is to make shopping easier. Therefore, the store you want to buy from should be easy to navigate, even for first-time visitors. Stir clear of anything too complicated as that can be a sign of things to come when buying from them.


Does the store have a wide range of products? Do they sell what you are looking for? If you are going to have to make multiple purchases via multiple websites, it simply is not worth it. Instead, look for a site that has a good range of batteries, coils, juices, as well as pod vape kits and plenty more products. For example, Superior Vapour has a massive range of vape products and accessories to choose from, ideal for both those starting out and more regular vapers.


Assessing the quality of products from an online store can be incredibly difficult. The best resource you can use is customer reviews. Reading through comments left by other shoppers can serve as a guide for what products are worth purchasing. You should also read through the product details well so that you be sure what you are buying. If you are unsure of any words or ingredients, try googling them for clarification.

Online Support

You may have questions when shopping for vaping products, such as what battery you will need, or what coils fit what tank or even what juice to buy. If you think you will have questions or need guidance when buying your products, it may be worth looking at sites that offer support, such as live chats allowing you to have your questions answered quickly and easily.

Hidden Costs

Some stores online, depending on their local have hidden costs. They may seem too good to be true with amazingly low prices. However, they often take weeks to come and sometimes you can be stung by import taxes. When choosing a store, look up their base and the likelihood of any import taxes or delivery fees.

Fake or Counterfeit Gear

It is essential that you make sure what you are buying is the real deal. Unfortunately, the internet is flooded with cloned or fake products, which can be difficult to tell apart from genuine products. These fakes do not have the same safety features and are of significantly lower quality. Try to stick to better-known stores with good reviews and a good reputation.

Health and Safety

It can be risky to buy from small sellers who make the juice or coils themselves, as you do not know what you are buying or what it is made of. Using official sellers means that all of their products have to conform to legal requirements and standards. They have been tested and are safe for use. The best way to double-check this is to verify the store’s licence. Any reputable online vape store needs to have a licence issued by the local authority to show that it is complying with regulations and it is safe to buy products from them.


For peace of mind, look for a store that offers a guarantee for its products. If they fail or something goes wrong, you need to know that the store will be fair. Do they offer exchanges or refunds if there is an issue with their product? Some stores do a similar thing with prices; they regularly check their prices to ensure that consumers get the best price. If you do find the product cheaper elsewhere, they will refund the difference.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right online vape store is similar to choosing any online store. It is all about making informed decisions and following internet safety protocols. As the popularity of vaping grows, so will the industry, meaning that it will become more critical than ever that consumers are making good choices when buying vape accessories online.