Celebrate International Vodka Day[*] with J.J Whitley’s new vodkas – this Friday October 4th…

Our American friends have created a calendar date well worth celebrating – National Vodka Day, which we think is a marvellous idea and worth making a global event. Let’s declare it *International Vodka Day and join in with some of the finest vodkas on the market, courtesy of J.J. Whitley’s innovative vodka range, featuring the recently launched Artisanal and Raspberry Vodkas.

With eight generations of distilling heritage, the Whitley family have been involved in the creation of innovative spirits since 1762, using the very best ingredients from around the world.

So, if the idea of rich berries on your palate, sweet rhubarb coating your tongue and notes of fresh basil and crunchy green apples tantalising your taste buds appeal, discover a trio of vodkas ready to awaken your senses.

J.J Whitley Artisanal Vodka

An exceptional balanced vodka with warming spice and a rich, smooth taste, J.J Whitley Artisanal Vodka boasts an almost dairy-like creaminess, highlighted by subtle yet distinctive notes of white grape and the lingering crunch of green apple.

Available at Sainsbury’s for £19 (1 litre)

J.J Whitley Raspberry Vodka

Wonderfully versatile and deeply delicious, J.J Whitley’s Raspberry Vodka is both rich and fruity.  It offers an immediate raspberry note on the nose, ripe, rich berries on the palate and a smooth and sweet raspberry flavour that lingers on the finish.

Available at Sainsbury’s for £18 (1 litre).

J.J Whitley Rhubarb Vodka

J.J Whitley’s Rhubarb Vodka contains natural rhubarb extract and has a fresh, balanced sweetness with hints of fresh vegetables and basil. Like its Raspberry counterpart, this vodka lends itself very well to a number of delicious cocktails.

Available at Tesco for £16 (70cl).

Leanne Ware, Director of White Spirits, Halewood Wines & Spirits says: “The J.J Whitley range of vodkas, born from eight generations of distilling heritage, is proving immensely popular with vodka aficionados and we’re delighted to be introducing our new Artisanal and Raspberry Vodkas into the mix in time for International Vodka Day.

“The flavours that are prevalent in this range really evoke a sense of nostalgia upon tasting and we’re proud that these spirits continue to embody what inspired J.J Whitley during his childhood and beyond.”

Shake things up this Vodka Day with the best J.J Whitley Vodka cocktail serves:

Hereford Grape Cooler

50ml J.J Whitley Artisanal Vodka

100ml Premium Tonic Water

3 White Grapes (halved)

6 Mint leaves

Garnish: Mint sprig

Method: Fill a highball glass with cubed ice, add the J.J Whitley Vodka and tonic water.  Add the grapes and mint leaves before stirring thoroughly.

Victorian High Tea

50ml JJ Raspberry Vodka

15ml Green Tea Simple Syrup

10ml Lemon Juice

20ml Cherry Juice

2 dashes of Orange Bitters

Garnish: Two raspberries

Method: Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Shake and then Strain into a stylized Victorian teacup. Garnish with two raspberries

 J.J Rhubarb & White Chocolate Rocks

50ml J.J Whitley Rhubarb Vodka

50ml Whole milk

10ml White chocolate liqueur

Garnish: White chocolate shavings

Method: Pour all ingredients into a glass and stir