Cecil Amey Opticians

Bounce Magazine were kindly invited along to visit independent Optician, Cecil Amey in Norwich, for an eye examination and hearing test, here’s what we thought…

“It’s been a few years since my last eye test, so its fair to say I was well overdue a check up.

I was instantly impressed with Cecil Amey’s promptness and customer service; warmly greeted at the shop front I was led downstairs to the examination area.

After passing over a few personal details, I went straight in to the pre-test room to carry out some routine examinations. This included tests to check my long and short vision, one to measure the internal eye pressure, plus, a state of the art imaging test which uses retinal photography to check for other conditions. Lastly, I was offered a hearing test to check my basic hearing, a new service offered at Cecil Amey.

Having passed all of these tests, with little wait, I was handed over to the optician who then performed further thorough checks on my eyes. She asked me to read the classic sight chart and also investigated my eyes through a piece of examination equipment,

using a bright light to check for other signs of eye damage.

After explaining the full examination with me, on this occasion no prescription was needed. I was delighted, but at the same time I was looking forward to viewing all of their lovely eye wear in the showroom!

As far as tests go this one was a breeze, not just because I passed, but because of the care and attention I received whilst I was there. It really was that easy”.

Cecil Amey are the largest independent opticians in East Anglia. The company

has 8 practices, employing over 55 members of staff including over 25 expert opticians and 4 members of the Amey family.

You can book an appointment online at and pick a practice that is close to you.