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Pimp your salad…

From bland to exceptional in 2.8 seconds… With a mission to ‘make healthy eating effortless and exciting’, Pimp My Salad offer an exciting new range of vegan and gluten free meal toppers. Coconut Bacon, Cashew Parmesan and Activated Super Seeds … →

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Fairfields Farm Branches Out into Fruit & Veg Boxes

  With demand for doorstep deliveries continuing to rise, Fairfields Farm has rolled out its new fruit and veg boxes nationwide. When lockdown began, Fairfields Farm commenced a free delivery of its potatoes and crisps, which has been hugely popular. … →

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Tips For Nail Salon Owners To Help You Survive The Pandemic

For many years the beauty and nail salon market has been growing rapidly, with new establishments opening and many nail technicians offering remote services to keep customers looking and feeling their best. The Coronavirus pandemic has temporarily closed all nail … →

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Six Ways to Reduce Hair Loss in Men

Many men understandably worry about going bald. But be reassured: there are various ways in which you can help to reduce the occurrence of hair loss. Read on to find out more.   1. Take Finasteride Finasteride, which is more … →

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Entertaining at home…

Entertaining at home does not have to be a daunting task. Its all about inviting friends and family over for a fun get together. Looking for ideas for entertaining at home? This is the place to look! Here are some of our … →

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Stop cold sores in their tracks…

Do you suffer from cold sores? In the UK, about seven in ten people have caught one of the viruses that cause them including a cold sore on the lip. Many people get cold sores repeatedly throughout their lifetime, as the virus lies dormant in … →

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Discover The Simple Magic of Country Kids in 2020

Nestled in a secluded little village in the stunning Occitanie region, Country Kids provides luxurious accommodation set within beautiful grounds with  fantastic facilities, award winning childcare, amazing locally sourced products and a range of on and off- site activities including … →

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