Carpaccio of beef with “Saturne” peach…

Colourful, fresh and healthy… Ingredients for 4 people

• Sirloin of beef (whole) 300g

• Saturn peach 4 each

• Watercress 1 punnet

• Lemon 1 each

• Spring onions 3 each

• Extra virgin olive oil  4 tablespoon

• Olive bread 1 small loaf

• Vegetable oil 1 tbsp

• Unsalted butter 30 g

• Icing sugar for dusting

• Maldon salt

• Ground white pepper


• Trim the beef and remove the fat (or ask your butcher to do it)!

• Roll the whole piece of beef tightly into clingfilm, in order to make a cylinder, tight a knot at both ends of the clingfilm and put the beef the freezer for 2 hours or until is almost frozen. Place the loaf of bread in the freezer too.

• Take the beef out of the freezer and slice very finely with a serrated knife, discard the clingfilm and arrange the slices flat on the bottom of each plate.

• Cut the bread very finely also, and dispose the slices on an oven tray, toast slowly in an oven at 130C until golden brown and reserve. 

• Wash and cut finely the spring onions and reserve in icy water, which will make them all crunchy and curly!

• Slice the Saturn Peach in half and discard the stone, place 4 pieces of halves facing upwards on a plate and dust with icing sugar, cut the remaining peaches into cubes.

• In a hot non-stick pan, pour the vegetable oil and the butter, sear the half pieces of peach face down for 1 to 2 minutes.

• Drain and season the spring onions, dispose nicely on the centre of the plate (on top of the beef) add half of the peach and some diced fruits on each plate.

• Drizzle the olive oil and lemon juice on the beef, season well and garnish with the bread wafer … et voila! 

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