Bundle ‘n Joy…

Bundle ‘n Joy Collection was founded by two friends who became mothers within a few months of each other.

Rachel and Sophia are your next-door-mamas who shared their maternity clothes during their pregnancy as they discovered buying maternity wear was time limited in use and hence unsustainable to both the bank and environment.

Thus Bundle ‘n Joy Collection was founded, to spread the concept of sharing clothes, allowing pregnant women to access high quality clothes, remain fashionable and continue experiencing the joy of dressing up in an affordable way.

We tried out the service and were extremely impressed with the service, speed and go green factor.

We love Bundle ‘n Joy’s rental section, [click here] its perfect for women who want to dress and feel good but perhaps don’t have the budget (with all the baby prep) to go out and spend money on new clothes – especially ones which may only fit you for the next few months!

There are a good number of reasons why you should be looking to rent your maternity wear, least of all that they are only useful when your babe is in your tum.

From just £30 per month you can sign up for 3 new items a month, and when you’re bored by next month you can pick 3 more new ones. How cool is that?

If that hasn’t sold it to you the lovely ladies at Bundle n’ Joy give back 1% of the profits to their chosen charities, hence every subscriber makes a difference!

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