Brighten up your garden…

With the Solar Centre…

The Solar Centre has become one of the UK’s leading new eco brands. Their constant focus on product innovation using the latest battery, LED and solar technology ensures year round reliability across our range.

They supply to a large number of businesses and organisations of all sizes including high street retailers, e-tailers, government departments, local and county councils, schools, colleges, universities, NGOs and charities.

With summer on its way we have picked our top three solar products for your garden…

Set Of 4 Solar Round Decking Lights


The Stainless Steel Round Decking Lights are very much a favourite here at the Solar Centre. These high end elegant stainless steel decking lights are finished to the very highest standards and emit a beautiful glow after dark. Like all Solar Centre products, the Solar Round Decking Lights offer year round reliability in the UK.

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Lumify USB Solar Vintage Bulb Lights – Set Of 20


Add vintage festoon bulb lighting anywhere outside quickly and easily with our premium grade Lumify USB Solar Vintage Bulb Lights. Each set has 20 bulbs that each contain 4 vintage warm white micro LEDs. The bulbs are spaced 80cm apart along a 14.4m string with an additional 1.9m between the control tube and the first bulb.

Lumify uses our latest high efficiency circuit design backed up with enhanced USB charging and new Powersaving technology to guarantee unrivalled performance night after night, year after year.

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Atlas Solar Spotlights (Set of 2)


The days of having to run electricity out to your garden to enjoy spot lighting are gone!

Our powerful warm white Atlas Solar Spotlights can be installed anywhere in your garden quickly and easily. Simply place your lights, position your solar panel, turn them on and wait until dark!

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