Bride to be – Hair and Make-Up Advice (Part 2)…

Following last month’s column, Kirsty Woolnough, wedding hair stylist and beauty expert, shares here expert advice on what to do to prepare on the build up and during your wedding day.

The Day Before…

On the day before your wedding, when washing your hair, make sure you thoroughly shampoo and use the tiniest amount of conditioner on your ends. My worst challenge is slippery hair that won’t hold!

When drying your hair (or letting it dry naturally), make sure it’s not combed or brushed into a specific parting! Hair sets in place from wet to dry so it’s very hard as a stylist to manipulate hair in a different direction once set. Brushing your hair back and not applying a parting is usually a safe option, unless asked otherwise.

With all this preparation in mind you should be set to achieve the look you have dreamed of!

On The Big Day…

Firstly, it’s important the atmosphere is as calm and happy as possible!

Get some music on as its sets the mood! Obviously you will want your loved ones around, but from experience, it’s best to keep guests to a minimum and wow at that grand reveal!

If you have too many people in a bridal suite at the venue it can feel manic, stressful – especially when you have all the professionals in one room too, including a photographer, a videographer, stylist and make-up artist!

I usually organize an itinerary with the bride as to who has what done, when, so everyone in the bridal party knows where they will fit in.

Hiring a professional isn’t for everyone, but when you choose to include this service into your day, your stylist can build not only a professional relationship, but a personal one too, this is why it’s so important to feel a rapport with them.

They will share with you your most dearest memories and intimate moments from exchanging and receiving gifts and card between bride and groom, the first sighting of your bouquet, and not to mention that moment your father/mother or special person that may give you away sees you for the first time!

There will be tears of laughter, feelings of sadness for lost loved ones and happiness and joy, but what ever the situation

I’m always there to share the load and provide the Kleenex tissue!

May these tips be helpful to making the preparation and running of your special day run smoothly. Good luck!

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