Boost your business by setting up online payments…

Most companies now a days, large or small, have dreams of expanding, however, one of the hurdles they all face during this process is collecting payments. Many still rely on tradition methods which can be slow.

You can save time and money with an online payment system, which will be a huge benefit to your business.

You can now set up online business invoices, which are instant and more convenient for your clients, plus payments are also typically lower in cost than physical transactions.

Digital payment systems can enable your clients to pay for services or items electronically. Whether you prefer a mobile, laptop or pc the payment method is instant.

For some this is a game changer, it means those setting up a business can increase payment lead times when they have access to digital payment platforms.

The main benefits are: 

  • You don’t have to wait for a cheque to arrive and you must go to the bank to deposit it.
  • Funds can arrive within the hour which helps cashflow

If you are a business owner, it is worth making the move towards accepting online payments. Let’s also discuss some of the lesser-known benefits.

Almost instant payment

The best part about online payments is the speed. Its quick and hassle free.

When you create an invoice, by sending it digitally, technically the receiver should spend no more than ten minutes to make a payment.


When you receive an online payment, the fee is transferred to your account immediately. If the client doesn’t have the funds, it will be declined. With traditional checks there is risk involved (for example a cheque may bounce). The factors could cause you and your staff unnecessary time and hassle.

Quick and easy set up to facilitate more sales

There are many online payment providers. Some services will need to verification, but most can be set up within the day.

Cost Effective

When you compare to internet banking the fees are much cheaper. Most do not have a sign-up fee.


If a customer sees merchants accept online payments, they often consider them more reliable.  By using this method, it also gives them peace of mind when it comes to fraud and secures their money if their purchase or item is never received. It makes the merchant a more trusted and reliable business.

Adds Convenience to Recurring Payments

If you need to set up regular payments, for example if you have a monthly subscription service, an online payment system will automatically collect these payments. This saves you time on reminders, collections and you receive the payments instantly.

Impulse shoppers

Now a days we are people who prefer an easy experience, so by simplifying the process you capture another market of impulse buyers.

Online casino payments

Online gambling has never been so easy to manage as a user and their paying methods are the perfect example on why online payments are so important for a business. While playing in an online casino or gambling website you can receive or pay instantly, they count with a reassurance system, they provide many types of online payments to make sure their customers have their perfect choice, they provide some bonuses or promotions to their players, on the website they can find the credibility by looking at the certifications of the casino. Besides, those gambling platforms get a low labour costs since the games and payments run automatically.

As a player you can find a huge variety of payment methods online, for example you could play slots with PayPal payments. A player could find a big portfolio of games and get some exciting bonuses. They could also play and pay from mobile devices.

More Sales with Last-minute deals

By adding an online payment service is it far easier to add last minute deals or flash sales. This will increase sales or engagement with the user, as we discussed on the online casino example. It is important to consider all kind of possibilities the user would like to pay with, so your business can assure the sale and the consumer feels comfortable paying. The payment needs to be easy, fast and secure for the user. Having online payment can really benefit your business and the moment is now.

Top Tips:

·       Keep your customers safe

Always make sure you have the best security possible and only keep details if you need them.

·       Third parties

Make sure you do your research and get the best third-party service for your business.