Bonfire Night

The days and nights around Fireworks Night are extremely hazardous to your ears. Fireworks can cost you your hearing.

For the lucky ones, their hearing returns, but many must live with their hearing loss or tinnitus for the rest of their lives.

There is no cure for noise induced hearing damage. But you can easily prevent it.

Two thousandth of a second is all it takes for an exploding firecracker to put out the noise intensity to put your hearing at risk for life.

The burst of noise is so short that you may not sense its true intensity.

Perhaps you love the thrill of fireworks, but you better watch out and be aware that*:

• 1 in 10,000 people suffer permanent hearing damage because of fireworks

• Young adults under the age of 25 are three times more likely than other groups to suffer fireworks related hearing damage

• Men are three times more at risk than women.

Take Precautions

Guy Fawkes Night will be celebrated but take care of yourself and each other. Use earplugs to protect your hearing. Simple off the shelf ear plugs would do the trick and for the little ones there are fantastic, inexpensive noise breaker headphones.

Make sure that no one else is standing too close when you light the fuse of your fireworks.

Most of those suffering hearing damage did not cause it themselves.

They suffered the bad luck of being too close to the fireworks of others.

For more information on protecting your hearing, hearing loss or to purchase ear plugs please visit or call 0800 096 2637.

*These conclusions were based on a study of hearing injuries related to fireworks