Board Games You Can Play Online

Sick of watching Netflix and want to play some games instead?

We recently brought you the best games to play with the kids right now, but you don’t need children or other people at home to enjoy online board games. There are ways you can play board games online against the computer or other people easily.

Now more than ever, you may be a little bored – pardon the pun – and board games may be the perfect way to kill some time and relax. So, turn off the TV and check out these awesome online board games tonight.

Monopoly Live

The game that ruins families and causes arguments is back, but without all the unwanted Christmas dramas and a slight twist. You can now play Monopoly Live, which was developed by Evolution Gaming, at any reputable online casino.

Monopoly Live combines the signs and symbols we love from the original monopoly board game in a wheel-of-fortune-type layout. The game is streamed live with a real ‘dealer’ and plenty of players tuning in. And of course, if you are lucky, the game may make you handsome returns. Learn more about Monopoly Live and start enjoying this unique online twist of an old classic.

RISK: Global Domination

RISK is a 100% free game that will be well-known as a board game to younger readers. It is suitable for all types of devices, and it is exceptional. It is so good you could pay to play RISK, and it would not be a problem.

The idea behind the game is for you to try and take up as much territory as possible using your army while others try to battle you for that land. These battles are decided with dice rolls making the rules straightforward and easy to learn. You can even play RISK online with friends.


Not exactly a board game, but possibly the best family card game ever created, UNO is now available to play online. You can buy the game for less than £10 on most of the popular video consoles to play with friends. Although those you play with will also have to purchase the game and have the same console as you.

Some people may argue that modern versions of UNO have developed more like a board game with its extra features. This is why the game still makes our list of the best online board games to play right now.

If you don’t want to play the UNO video game, you may wish to play some cool inception games made with more games in them.

Cluedo Online

Another classic board game is Cluedo, the best who-done-it game ever made. If there are any American readers out there, Cluedo to us Brits is what Clue is to you. The game allows all players to play the detective and try to solve the mystery of a murder.

The online version has moved with the times too. Characters are dressed in line with current fashion trends, and even the mansion has had a revamp!

Give your GOT repeats a miss tonight and try these cool online games!