Blush and Glow – Southwold…

Rachel Ducker heads on down to Blush and Glow in Southwold for some pre-baby pampering… 

Its only natural to want to look and feel your best – and let’s face it at nine months pregnant that can be a bit of a hard task, especially when you can’t bend over, your ankles are the size of elephants feet and you generally feel like you’re going to pop!

Well being nine months pregnant is no exception to the rule, so I popped along to Blush and Glow in Southwold for some pre-baby pampering with owner Chelsey.

After the salons launch at the end of last year, this is a place you can come to and escape all your stresses (or for a least a few hours)! The bright white decor with accents of pastel pink and grey hues provide a calm and serine atmosphere.

Situated on Southwold High Street, its easy to find – plus you’re not far from the Suffolk sea side!

To start with it was time to get out the canckles! It’s silly to be embarrassed of them, but I honestly did not think they would ever balloon this big.

However, the task was no trouble for Chelsey who gave them a quick file and gel polish with a beautiful bright pink and a dusting coat of yellow/gold glitter, which really made them pop. She then gave me a massage to release some of the fluid which felt incredible!

Next up the same colour was applied to my hands. What I love about Blush and Glow is that whilst you are having your nail treatments done you can also socialise with other staff and clients. After not seeing many people (apart from builders) for a few weeks, it was wonderful to have a bit of a girlie chat!

With my hands and feet all renewed and coloured I felt on my way to becoming “mum ready”.

Next up was a facial. At this stage of my pregnancy I have been pretty uncomfortable within my body – so a facial was just what I needed. It wasn’t too invasive but utterly relaxing.

For around half an hour I drifted away whilst baby was kicking gently away. He usually kicks when I am relaxed! So it was safe to say we were both having a great time.

Finally – the finishing touches (for when you end up in hospital with sweat running down your face and you have no time to think about make up) an eyelash tint and an eyebrow wax and tint!

I was really impress with the results! I can be a bit fussy too when it comes to my eyebrows, but now I don’t think I will be going any where else, Chelsey has my full trust.

So whether you are a mum to be or simply just need a little bit of TLC, get on down to Blush and Glow in Southwold.

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