BluefinSUP 12-Foot Cruise

What is SUP (Stand-up Paddleboarding)?

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding is different to paddleboarding in one very obvious way (it’s in the name)! With a much bigger board, the participant can stand, using a single, long paddle to propel themselves through the water.

Why choose Bluefun?

BluefinSUP began selling and distributing SUPs at the beginning of 2010 when a group of watersport enthusiasts decided to band together to fuel and promote their passion for getting wet. Having spent most of their youths playing in the water of the Southern Uplands, their dream was to produce a range of inflatable boards of fantastic quality that were affordable by anyone and everyone.

What board?

With boards ranging from the 8-foot kids version to the 18-foot Mammoth board, you are spoiled for choice on what board is the one for you.

BluefinSUP 12-Foot Cruise Review…

The medium-sized, 12-foot Cruise board is a great starting point for anyone wanting to get into SUP. Cruise is ready to go from doorstep to beach on day 1 with everything you need in the box.

It come with its own storage bag for easy transportation. There were also some additional extras, such as the free, waterproof phone casing and the easy store repair kit for the board.

We took our SUP to our local beach. Getting it there was easy, it took literally five minutes to manually inflate with a hand pump (however, there are electric ones available from Bluefin). At first it looked pretty big, but once we got it into the water it makes sense why. This board is also perfect for couples!

The 12-foot cruise is sturdy and well balanced.

With a good wet suit this is a perfect sport all year round. We enjoyed taking it out into the sea, but if you want an easier ride, perhaps head to the river!

Collapsing the board down again takes around the same time as the set up. 

Equipment Included

The full kit included the board itself, a hand pump for inflation, collapsible paddle and attachment to make kayak paddle, removable fin for the bottom, repair kit in a sealable tub, backrest to turn the board into a kayak, the aforementioned waterproof phone case, and the backpack to fit all of this into.

The verdict

The equipment supplied by BluefinSUP is of excellent and reliable quality, complete with thoughtful touches and additions. We highly recommend the 12-foot Cruise SUP to anyone that is new to paddleboarding or to couples who are wanting to spend some time in nature together.

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Check out our video below to see the 12inch Cruise in action!