Bluebell Baby Monitor…

Bluebell is a baby monitor like no other and one that supports parenting made simpler. Hitting the shelves of John Lewis and, the highly anticipated Smart monitoring system is set to be a total game changer. Not only does it deliver the most comprehensive baby monitoring on the market, it also nurtures parents’ wellbeing and supports daily routine.

Embrace a new way of parenting with Bluebell’s truly unique and advanced technology. Rather than the constant distraction of a traditional video/audio monitor, Bluebell seamlessly connects parent and baby via their own wearable tech and Mobile app. Keeping parents fully informed, it monitors baby’s breathing, skin temperature, crying, activity level, and sleep/awake status. Most importantly it alerts if baby rolls on their tummy or has any breathing issues.

Parents can trust that if baby is in need, Bluebell will alert them. The rest of the time, parents can enjoy spending time and caring for their baby and themselves!

A truly revolutionary and intuitively designed system, Bluebell offers unrivalled support, going above and beyond the expectations of a monitor…

  • The Bluebell Baby Monitor silently observes baby with alerts to the Mobile app and Parent Wristband. The waterproof monitor, which has a battery life of 3-5 days, has a soft strap that easily attaches to baby’s clothing. Working on its own Thread connectivity, independent of Wi-Fi, it ensures it also has extremely low radio energy.
  • The Bluebell Parent wristband is designed around parents’ needs. It keeps parents informed on how baby is doing, receives monitoring and routine alerts and allows them to easily tracks baby’s activities like feeds and nappy changes. The stylish, shower proof, wearable also monitors the wearer’s sleep, step count and mood. This allows for mindful parenting by helping mum and dad keep an eye on their own wellbeing.
  • The Bluebell Smart hub not only monitors noise and temperature in the nursery, it also charges the whole system. As if this wasn’t enough, it creates the ideal sleeping environment to soothe baby by playing gentle lullabies and giving off a soft night light.
  • Completing the Bluebell system is the Mobile app, which allows parents to track and plan baby’s routine, understand trends, get in-app guidance and log baby’s milestones. And it doesn’t end there: it can be used to control the night light and lullabies on the Smart hub, plus it allows parents to speak to baby via the Smart hub – genius!

Truly helping you stay connected; Bluebell’s safe and reliable technology works in and outside the home (and even in the shower!) so you won’t miss a thing.

RRP: £299 | John Lewis,