Best Things to Do in this Holiday Season with Family

One of the most delightful things that make the holidays so special is being with your family and friends whom you might not have seen in months. Granted, Christmas as an adult is not the same as when you were a little child, all excited about Santa and gifts. Things might be slightly different when you have a job, a partner and multiple responsibilities continually giving you a headache.

But when December arrives, it is time to put those worries away and focus on having a wonderful time with those around you. There are so many activities you could enjoy with your family; here we have listed out a few.

Attend a Tree Lighting Ceremony

This age-old tradition carried out in small towns would be a fun thing to checkout with your family. If your family lives in a big city, you can find a tree lighting ceremony complete with grand festivities somewhere nearby.

New York City’s various tree lighting ceremonies often feature many different performances by numerous artists. Pick one that seems the most exciting and fun to you and the rest of your family.

Watch a Christmas movie

People watch Christmas movies throughout the year, but they become more meaningful towards December. These movies with simple plot lines, lots of romance and comedy bring the viewers enormous satisfaction.

There is a wide variety of old Christmas movies you can choose from if that’s what you prefer. You could also pick a movie none of you has seen before, and settle down on the sofa with your family. Watching a happy movie after a fantastic lunch helps keep the warm glow alive.

Bake cookies or try a new dessert

Cooking is a big part of Christmas celebrations. Get the whole family involved in the kitchen to bake and cook a variety of dishes, including eggnog, cookies, and gingerbread men. Cooking together would be a fun experience where all of you will get to coordinate, help each other out and create something unique.

This Christmas you could pull up an old and unused family recipe or find a new one online. Who knows, this new dessert might be a grand success that nobody can get enough of.

Play Secret Santa

You probably remember playing Secret Santa as a kid with your friends. It was exciting to see whose name is written on the piece of paper you picked and even more exciting to guess who might have gotten yours.

If you and your extended family live together during the holidays, you could play Secret Santa amongst yourselves. Get everyone involved and give quirky or funny gifts.

Play Games

Christmas would be a fantastic time to revisit the games you played with your family as a child. Get the old games out of your attic, dust them up and settle down on a comfortable spot. You could also go to the store and check out the new games in the market. It certainly would be fun to get competitive with your loved ones for a small amount of time and set up challenges for the losers.

You do not have to limit yourself to these old board games, but load a few video games on the console and play with your family. There are video games for people of all ages, so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting your family to enjoy your favourite Resident Evil game.  

Try Online Gambling

Gambling would also be a fun way to bond with the rest of your family. Find a good platform like a trusted online casino malaysia with a variety of casino games, including slots and table games. You could gamble with real money or enjoy the game with fake online chips. Winning with your family would be amazing and an opportunity for everyone to enjoy themselves. 

Hold a Christmas tree slumber party.

Slumber parties are great even if you are a busy adult. Gather your sleeping bags, your favourite PJs and get comfortable around the Christmas tree. You can spend a night listening to a good Christmas playlist, watching the twinkling Christmas lights and the snow falling outside, all the while sharing stories with your family.

Drive around to see the neighbourhood decorations

During December your neighbourhood would undoubtedly be decked up. People like to go all out when it comes to Christmas decorations and sometimes even install ridiculous and humongous objects on their front lawns. Not to mention, most people leave their Christmas décor up even after New Year. Gather your whole family into your car and go cruising down your neighbourhood, checking out and commenting on all the marvellous or hilarious Christmas decorations.

Summing up

Christmas is one of the best times of the year to bring your whole family together. Enjoy every minute of this happy occasion by doing things with your loved ones. Spend time together and create new and beautiful traditions that you would be eager to repeat in the coming years.