Best EU Organic Baby Formulas

The adapted formula is food intended for feeding kids from birth and it’s the only alternative to human milk. The content of almost all formulas has whey, proteins, lactose, or maltodextrin, essential vitamins, minerals, etc. It ensures a baby receives healthy nutrition for normal development. However, it’s possible only in the case of selecting the right infant milk suitable for the peculiarities of development. Unfortunately, the market is overwhelmed by hundreds of questionable quality companies. 

That’s why it might be difficult to pick up the best adapted feeding for a child at the first attempt. The most reliable manufacturers are those with a long brand history, positive parents’ reviews, and EU organic certification. European standards for baby food production are quite strict thus ensuring that no doubtful components will be in the infants’ diet. Let’s find out what are the most trustworthy organic EU brands.


It is a company with more than centuries of history. Based on the latest scientific research on breast milk, HiPP experts have developed a new generation of adapted feeding for kids of all ages and needs. The certified organic milk serves as the base for all formulas. Besides, there is a specific control organ inside the company with even more strict regulations than those in Europe. Each HiPP infant milk also has ARA and DHA, vitamin A, C, D, K, and B12, etc. 


Baby formula made by Holle has EU and Demeter organic labels meaning that the company never uses sketchy elements for manufacturing food for kids. Demeter certification means that products come from biodynamic agriculture. There is a range of baby food starting from the very birth to 3 years old. Experts have found the technology that allows replicating baby food quite similar to breast milk in the content. What’s even more, the Holle formula is famous for its creamy and sweet taste because it has the same nutrients as human milk. The other great plus is that there is the goat-based adapted feeding for kids who have an allergy predisposition.


The milk formula made by this company consists of vegetarian cow milk, probiotics, omega-3 and omega-6, no palm oil, and GMOs. The company was given Grand gold and Queen Elizabeth II awards. However, not only this fact makes the brand so popular and trustworthy among families. Kendamil baby food is the only feeding with naturally occurring human milk oligosaccharides which are needed for supporting infant immunity. Research has shown that the regular use of this formula improves the absorption of calcium and reduces the appearance of different digestive issues.


Lebenswert is a sister company of the Holle brand so if you are satisfied with Holle baby food, Lebenswert will surely be what you need. The brand was made as a  budget-friendly organic baby feeding, but, it doesn’t mean that the quality of food is reduced. Being part of the Holle brand, Lebenswert follows all the rules for milk formula production. Besides, the manufacturer has a Bioland label on the packaging which is the strictest organic certification in Europe, so you shouldn’t doubt whether the quality of baby food is questionable. The adapted feeding consists of vitamin C, E, folic acid, calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate, and many others to ensure your little one grows healthy.

Breast milk is truly considered the main source of nutrients for a child and when it’s not possible to breastfeed a kid then it’s extremely important to select a good alternative to avoid different digestive and skin issues. Of course, you should visit a pediatrician beforehand to receive advice on baby feeding. When selecting a formula, pay attention to the parents’ reviews and the content. These days, organic baby food from Europe is considered the safest solution for kids because in the composition you won’t find any sketchy components that might be harmful to the immature system.