Autumn Fig & Apple Martini

A cocktail to toast Autumn’s arrival…

This cocktail that is naturally sweet. I’m not a fan of overly sugary cocktails.

Figs tend to vary quite a bit in terms of sweetness– some ripe figs are very sweet, while others are only mildly so. You can always add a drop of honey if this is the case. You can make the fig puree ahead, but the cocktail tastes best if stirred and mixed just before serving.


• 1 jigger of pureed black mission figs

• ½ shot of organic apple cider

• 1 jigger of vodka

• Garnished with: black mission fig and a cinnamon swizzle stick


1. Puree the figs to a pulp

2. Add a shot of apple cider to a cocktail shaker along with some ice

3. Then add the vodka

4. Add the puree and shake (don’t forget to strain!)

5. Serve in a martini glass and garnish.