Artificial Intelligence: Keep Your Car Safe in 2021

There are plenty of examples of artificial intelligence systems working in cars nowadays and it is not always as trivial predicting which radio station you will want to listen to! Many are there to keep you, the passengers you have with you and other road users safe. What are some of the best ones around?

Automotive Heads-Up Displays

These units were adapted from the sort of thing jet fighter pilots used to have to give them instrument feedback without having to look away from what was in front of them. In cars, these systems also provide you with data about what you need to know – such as your current speed – on a see-through display on your windscreen. This means you can keep your eyes on the road at all times without being distracted.

Blind Spot Monitors

These systems work in different ways according to different car manufacturers. Some are part of a wider advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and some are stand-alone systems, for example. Either way, though, they help you to overtake and change lanes more safely by alerting you when there is something you cannot see from your mirrors alone. Incidentally, it is important to keep any ADAS system properly calibrated so that things like blind spot monitors continue to operate correctly. There are many professional garages to help you with this service. For example, in order to install ADAS calibration in your vehicle, you can consult Jet Wheel Tyre, among others.

Collision Avoidance Systems

Perhaps one of the most important things to avoid when driving is a collision with an obstacle or another vehicle. Thankfully, car makers now include collision avoidance systems as a part of their artificial intelligence offerings. Many work within the context of a wider ADAS system, too, usually by gathering data from small radars monitoring what is going on in front of the car. If they sense something is too close, then they can alert the driver or even begin slowing you down. Even smarter systems of this type will close sunroofs and prepare seatbelts if they think a collision is imminent.

Driver Monitoring

We all have a responsibility to be diligent and alert when we are behind the wheel but, all too often, we make poor choices when we are feeling tired. Since most road accidents occur through driver error, monitoring the alertness or otherwise of the car’s driver is important. Artificial intelligence systems which perform this function do so by looking out for signs of fatigue, such as drifting slowly between lanes. There again, you might find that the monitoring system in your car is keeping a lookout for your eye movements, for example by tracking how much and how often your eyes move as you look out at the road ahead of you.