Arlo Baby Monitor…

The Arlo Baby bills itself as an “all-in-one” baby monitor and “a super nanny”. By these statements, they must mean stuffed to the gills (or more accurately ears) with features.

If its bunny shape isn’t cute enough, you will be impressed with its functionality.

When you set the image quality to 1080p, you’ll be able to see your child in crystal clear HD.

Another interesting aspect of Arlo’s camera is the ability to change the field of view with the app – you can change it from 90 degrees to 130 degrees to change how much of a room the Arlo captures.

You’re often going to be looking at your baby in the dark. So great news, it also has night vision performance for that peace of mind.

Along with this the Arlo Baby features “2-way communication”, giving parents the ability to communicate with a child through the app and the child unit’s built-in speaker. Beware children!
It comes with some great

additional features, we love the built in nightlight, which, thanks to it being LED-powered, can be displayed with nearly any colour on the visible spectrum.

You can loop lullabies or sounds from your phone, or have a parent record their voice to play to help the kids fall asleep.

Lastly, it even checks the room temperature!

So we have discovered this is much more than just a baby monitor!