Anita Maternity Belly Belt

The Anita Maternity Belly Belt has been softly tailored and made of air-permeable microfibre fabric.

This is perfect for effective prevention of back pain, especially in the final weeks of pregnancy.

Thanks to integrated flexible stretch zones sitting down is not a problem since the belt adapt to your movements.

It’s available in three colours.

Here’s what our editor Rachel thought: 

“I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and I have all kinds of aches and pains going on!

After lots of research I didn’t think there was much that could be done – until I discovered Belly Belts.

What are they?

Belly belts are rigid belts that wrap around the abdomen to help support the lower back, pelvis, hips, and abdomen during pregnancy.

When I put mine on it reminded me of putting on my bra as it slightly lifts the bottom of your belly to give you extra support.

Belly belts typically sit on top of clothing, although some people may wear them underneath, which has been my preference.

They are usually more narrow and strap-like than belly bands, especially the part that lies across the front of the body.

People may also refer to belly belts as maternity or pregnancy belts, braces, or straps.

The pros of belly belts include:

  • May help encourage proper posture. Belly belts could help stabilize a pregnant woman’s abdomen and lower back by taking some of the weight of her belly and by evening out her center of gravity.
  • Might lower the risk of falls. Belly bands may reduce the risk of falls for pregnant women by stabilizing their pelvis and improving their balance.
  • Make it easier to exercise. Wearing a belly belt during the later stages of pregnancy may help make some activities, such as running or walking, more comfortable. A belly belt may also help pregnant women avoid injury while exercising.

This is my belt below: 

May help reduce some pregnancy aches and pains. Belly belts may help alleviate some of the aches and pains that can occur during pregnancy by taking some of the belly’s weight and helping stabilize the body.

In the week I have had mine I have worn it to yoga, which I found highly beneficial, plus I have found more benefit wearing it at the end of each day – when bump starts to feel really heavy!

I would definitely recommend this product to other mums to be!

Available RRP £30