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Our aim is to provide local companies the opportunity to grow and enhance their business without stretching the budget.

Bounce targets a variety of readers with a broad range of ages and interests and because of this we are able to offer them an exciting and interesting read.From Fashion advice to food reviews, we like to think we will tick all their boxes. We want our publication to be local, current, friendly and personal… and thats where you come in!

Advertising in a local glossy will not only increase brand awareness but will also encourage new customers.

Our research shows that we have created a lifestyle magazine that people really do want to pick up.

Bounce is distributed to over 900 local businesses including superstores, public areas and retail outlets. We are the only magazine that is availble in every supermarket as well as Waitrose home delivery.

It is hard to go out in the local area without spotting an issue of Bounce! Want to join us on our journey? Get in touch todayfor your exclusive introductorydiscount!

We are here to support YOU, our local business community, at a time when your business may need that extra boost.