Add storage space to your home…

Are you someone who has been looking for additional storage space? Check out our step by step guide below on how to create storage space in your under stair cupboard.

Step one – clean it

The above space has had nothing done to it since its build. Rather than screeding the floor a cheaper option is to lay some lino. Do ensure you sand down any rough areas and clean out all of the dust first before you start decorating.

Step two – prime it

Prime the wood first with a wood primer in white, this will give the paint a good first coat to stick to. It also saves you money on another coat of your chosen colour paint.

Step three – paint it

With a collection of 49 paint colours and 25 wallpaper designs, Lick has been created with the help of top interior designers and colour consultants.

For this project we selected the shade ‘White no2‘. This shade is spot on when you don’t want to commit to a white that’s too much of anything.

With a classic range of 13 exterior and masonry paints, the best part is it works with any and every outdoor surface, from wooden fencing and metal railings to brick and render masonry.

The other thing that they’ve done differently, which I quite like, is eradicating paint sample pots – much better for the environment. Instead you can order a sample on a sheet of card pre-painted in your chosen colour, which you can then stick up on the wall. This also saves a lots of messy paint patches which can get quite confusing!

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Step four – floor it

As mentioned above for this project we used lino, its fairly cost efficient and can be laid with spray adhesive and double sided tape. We then used a small piece of dowling as a skirting for it also painted in the room colour.

Step five – decorate it

Its the little touches that make all the difference, we decided to theme this as a cleaning and storage cupboard, we think Mrs Hinch would approve!

Paint used –