Add a unique lighting to your home with Lumena Lights…

Lighting can be a hidden and much underestimated tool.

It can make the simplest thing  look magical, or an expensive material look awful if you get it wrong.

With the right lighting, objects and spaces can come alive. It can bring out texture, create dramatic effect and set the mood.

You can create interest and sculptural effects where you never thought possible – uplight a door, under the stairs, in small recessed spaces.

Lighting the space beyond draws the eye and makes the spaces appear larger.

We love the idea of having an unlighted door way, which will be featured in our summer home makeover feature later on in August.

For this we’ve teamed up with lighting partner Lumena Lights…

Brand Focus – Lumena lights

Lumena lights strive to offer the best customer service possible and are extremely proud to receive such positive feedback.

Their team  across our entire product range, alongside general installation and project planning.

Lumena is a supplier to be relied upon with a small, friendly team who are always willing to go the extra mile. It’s always nice to know who is on the other end of the phone / emails, so below you can meet the Lumena Team!

Bounce loves: Decimax – 240v Recessed Light – Solid Brass (Rustic Bronze)

The 240v ‘Decimax’ is a circular recessed light with a choice of either a 100mm or 120mm front bezel diameter. The face plate is durable solid brass with a rustic bronze finish. This blends well with outdoor surroundings, especially in areas with a more traditional theme.

A hard protective sleeving adds durability to the fitting, protecting the lower section of aluminium for mounting into brick (driveway or wall), decking or the ground. There is approx. 5m of cable included for ease of installation.

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