Activities that Shall Help You Bond Over with Family and Friends this Christmas

Who doesn’t enjoy getting together with friends and family they haven’t seen in months? And that too, for a wonderful occasion such as Christmas. When December arrives, there is a frenzy of decorations, gift wrapping, travel plans and dorky sweaters. It is also a time when people care more about the happiness that surrounds them and less about the appearances they keep up.

People who have been living alone eagerly rush back to their families when December comes around. There is all-round enthusiasm for meeting up with loved ones, enjoying family recipes, singing Christmas carols and even carrying out peculiar family traditions. There are numerous things you could be doing with your family and friends during Christmas, so let us look at a few.

Watch a Christmas movie

Watching a Christmas movie might seem a bit cheesy at first, but you’ve got to remember it is more about who you’re watching it with than what you are watching. Christmas movies can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to their grandparents.

The genres are also pretty varying despite predictable plotlines. You could put on a comedy classic such as Home Alone giving everyone a jolly good time or a romantic comedy such as Last Christmas and have everyone’s hearts melt. If you’ve got several kids in the house, put on the latest animation movie or a Disney classic. Animation movies are not limited to those under the age of 15 and can be enjoyed by all.

If you have a pretty large family, it might take a while to come to an agreement on which movie to watch. But even that discussion filled with silly arguments from all sides will be pretty enjoyable for everyone. Don’t go overboard with the fighting spirit and remember to make compromises.

Play games together

Playing games is a sure-fire way to bond over with friends and family members. Now you can make use of a board game like Monopoly, a video game-like Rocket League, or online casino slot games such as While playing against each other will create a fun little competitive environment, playing together will enable all of you to celebrate victories together.

Find out what kinds of games your family enjoys and try to include even the smaller kids so they will also get a sense of being a part of this wonderful activity. Form teams and maybe even get more competitive with team colours and matching sweaters. You could even turn game night into a Christmas family tradition.

Have a sleepover

A fun little activity you can do with your family is a sleepover under the Christmas tree. Bring out your sleeping bags and crawl in. The night would be beautiful as you gaze up at the Christmas tree lights and the snow outside with your loved ones around you. You can put on some Christmas melodies, play some easy word association games or even exchange funny and embarrassing stories about each other.

Prepare desserts

You will inevitably be stuffing yourself with delicious baked good during the season. It is also an excellent time to try out new recipes. Find exciting recipes online and invite your whole family to help out while making it. You do not have to prepare something fancy. Just find a dessert you can enjoy creating and consuming with your family.

Have a Family Photoshoot

It is time to get silly with your loved ones. Hire a professional photographer or just use the timer on your camera to capture some hilarious poses and moments. Get everyone dressed in the goofiest outfit possible and ask them to do the silliest things they can imagine.

For more serious purposes like holiday cards to distant relatives, you could also do a standard photoshoot with colour coordinated outfits.

Play Secret Santa

This last activity will remind you of your childhood when you played Secret Santa with your friends. This game made you excited or disappointed, depending on whose name you drew.

If you have a pretty big family you could play Secret Santa with them on Christmas too. Get the whole family involved and remember to pick out fun little gifts since you will be opening them together. After the excitement of the main gift opening ceremony, this could be something for everyone to look forward to.

Summing Up

The month of December brings hope, joy and togetherness. As you return to your families you had been missing for a while it would be great to make plans of things you could do together. Do not hesitate to be a bit unconventional and introduce activities you think might be excellent for the holidays. Bring your family together and do everything from playing games and cooking to having a photoshoot. In this short period, the more things you do together, the more memories you will create to keep close to your heart in the coming months.