As the world opens up again this Summer, Sea Change introduces the brand new organic range, just in time for bigger gatherings in the garden or picnics in the park with family and friends.  The range, with its stunning Otter labels,  introduces a lesser known red varietal, Bobal, and a classic white Chardonnay.

Both wines use organic grapes that grow in healthy soil, therefore producing heartier skins and high concentrations of those good-for-you antioxidants, including polyphenols and resveratrol to bring vibrancy to every drop.  What’s more, the production process means only naturally occurring sulfites are present, so every sip is gentler on the head and stomach than regular wine. 
The Organic Red – Sea Change Bobal (£13.99 RRP)

Hailing from the sun-soaked vineyards of Valencia, Sea Change brings a new varietal to the collection with its first organic red wine.  It balances intensity with vibrant flavours of red and black fruit, such as cherry, raspberry and blackcurrant. A deep ruby colour, this delightful wine is full-bodied with high tannins and a beautiful long finish, just perfect paired with Iberian specialities such as paella and chorizo, or chargrilled vegetables.

The Organic White – Sea Change Chardonnay (£13.99 RRP)

Sunshine in a glass, this organic white originates in Southern Spain, bringing a balanced combination of aromas and taste to create a light, yet fruity, wine. With nuances of white flowers on the nose, and citrus fruits on the palette, it has a refreshing acidity and a long-lasting finish, beautifully paired with a zingy summer salad, creamy pasta dishes and seafood.

As with all Sea Change Wines, both have minimal packaging, with the unnecessary plastic wrap covering removed from the neck of the bottle, and labels.

The illustrated labels feature a unique sea animal, hand drawn to demonstrate the impact of marine plastic pollution.  The new range introduces the Sea Otter to the group. Sea Change is working hard to help turn the tide on plastic pollution by donating a percentage of each purchase to marine conservation charities*. 

The Sea Change Organic Red, RRP £13.99 and Organic White, RRP £13.99, are available to buy online at

For all the range, free local delivery is available within 5 miles of Effingham, Surrey. Free standard delivery to UK mainland is available on orders of £100 and over.