A simple switch to LED lighting…

With energy prices expected to continue to rise this month, homeowners are more conscious of their energy usage than ever before, as household energy bills are expected to rise.  Lighting makes up 15 percent of average UK household electricity consumption, so making the switch to more efficient lighting can make a massive difference to energy costs as an average household has about 67 light bulbs, according to recent report by independent finance firm, Norton Finance.

A simple switch to LED lighting promises to save households a huge amount of spends on energy. On average, a UK home has 15 halogen bulbs on for 3 hours a day. After the energy cap change in April, the conversion could save £1.24 bn due to the significantly lower running costs. This represents an opportunity to save £50 per household per annum.m

In fact, technological development has made it possible for Philips to develop the Philips A class Ultra-Efficient LED light bulb that uses new technology to cut carbon emissions, reduce material waste, and lower energy usage. With an amazing 50,000 hour lifetime – which translates into a lifetime of 50 years, the Ultra-efficient bulbs can last for years to come, sparing you the hassle of frequently changing light bulbs. This significantly reduces waste and saves money in the long term. The Philips Ultra efficient bulbs cost from just £8.99.

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