A new BabyBjörn is born

The family-owned Swedish company BabyBjörn is launching the next generation of baby carriers. Decades of listening and learning from families and experts on babywearing have resulted in Baby Carrier Harmony, which has already been recognized for its design.

New Baby Carrier Harmony is making its debut during the company’s 60th anniversary, celebrating six decades of love, care and closeness. Babywearing has been a strong part of BabyBjörn’s DNA since the early ’70s.

A baby carrier lets parents keep their hands free while holding their baby close to their heart, a wonderful place for little ones. Baby Carrier Harmony is an ergonomic and versatile baby carrier made in soft mesh with jersey details. It is cool, cozy and comfortable for both the baby and the parent. 

Baby Carrier Harmony can be used from birth and up to approximately the age of three. No insert is needed; simply adjust the settings to the growing baby. The head support is flexible and holds the baby’s head in a good position from birth and all the way to the toddler years.

An ergonomic and pressure-relieving waist belt, padded lumbar support for back relief, and wide padded shoulder straps offer comfort for the parent, even during long periods of babywearing. The carrier can be adjusted to different body types, ensuring comfort for all parents.

The specially designed 3D mesh is not only very soft but also sturdy. The airy mesh hugs the baby and provides proper support for their back, neck and hips. 3D mesh is a functional fabric that breathes, helping both the parent and the baby stay cool. It also dries quickly after washing.

The needs of a growing baby change, and Baby Carrier Harmony has two heights: one for newborns and one for older babies. The growing toddler, who is often more curious about their surroundings, can also be carried facing out or on the back.

BabyBjörn works closely with medical experts and is always up to date on the most recent research. Throughout the process, from idea to finished product, the focus is on safety and good ergonomics for babies and parents.