A look back at Donald Trump’s political career so far

Just by looking at the 2020 Presidential odds, it seems unlikely that the US will see another term of Donald Trump’s presidential ruling, but the President is not out of the running yet. Despite not having any kind of political background, Trump has proven to somewhat hold his own, since his debut into politics ahead of the 2016 election.

Beginning his career as a New York City real estate developer, originally at his father’s firm, as well as dabbling in reality TV, Trump has dipped his toe into several occupational ponds. And, in June 2015, the business tycoon announced his very own presidential candidacy.

Prior to announcing his campaign, Trump spoke publicly about his doubts on whether the then-President Barack Obama was born in the United States, going on to gain a wider social media following from these claims. People within the world of conservative politics began to take notice of Trump, most likely just because he was slamming someone from their opposition. Trump’s allegations went so far that the White house actually ended up releasing Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate to the public, just to prove him wrong. Perhaps this was some kind of publicity stunt, as only four years later, Trump’s candidacy was announced!

After his speech from Trump Towers, Trump began his presidential campaign, pushing forward his “Make America Great Again” pledge. With the slogan emblazoned across red baseball caps, worn by the majority of his supporters, Trump has been very open about his views. He’s spoken out against political correctness, illegal immigration and government lobbyists, firmly promising that, once in power, he would cut taxes and renegotiate certain trade deals, whilst also creating millions more jobs for American workers. As well as his proposals gaining some interest, his brash and unapologetic statements also gained widespread media coverage before, during, and after his campaign. By May 2016, Trump had won the Republican nomination, beating 16 other candidates, including Jeb Brush, Chris Christie and Ted Cruz.

Trump’s next hurdle was the general election, where he was faced with running against Democrat Hillary Clinton – the first ever female presidential candidate from a major political party. As the race began, Trump threw several inflammatory comments towards his opponent, also taking to Twitter to hound Clinton’s character. Trump’s supporters seemed to admire his outspokenness and prior business success, as well as the fact that he wasn’t technically a politician. Whilst he was still a far cry from an “average Joe”, perhaps voters felt they could relate to Trump, as someone who is not from a political background.

As the election approached, the national polls predicted a strong victory for the Democratic nominee Clinton, however, it’s the Electoral College that ultimately decides who will prevail. And, after much consideration, it was Trump and his vice-presidential running mate, Governor Mike Pence who found themselves being welcomed into the White House.

Ahead of the 2020 US election, Trump has been working hard to ensure his place as President is secure. In fact, the incumbent President actually filed for his own re-election on the same day that he began his first term in office – talk about eager! Trump was formally sworn in as the Republican candidate on the 24th August, 2020, with Mike Pence also being confirmed as staying on as his running mate. His values have more or less remained the same as when he originally ran for the position, however this time he has chosen to tout the slogan “America First”. Whilst the odds and the national polls suggest that Trump is up against it, as we have seen before, this doesn’t mean that he will fall at the last hurdle on November 3rd.