A gift to remember…

The Edinburgh Casting Studio’s Body Casting Kits have proved tremendously popular, allowing their customers to create personalised sculptures from home, with a large family market.


Here’s some great gift ideas coming up for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day 2019…

Kits available include luxury gifts for babies, families, couples and pets.

For Valentine’s Day – The Couples Casting Kit

Celebrate with your loved one with a luxury 10 item casting gift kit.

Entwined forever, this hand hold casting is one of our most popular choices. Perfect for Engagements, Weddings and Anniversaries.

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For Mother’s Day – The Family Casting Kit

Create a family heirloom! Be together always with a luxury 13 item casting gift kit. Great fun for the kids and parents love how quick it is!

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Stay posted for our Bounce team video – watch us try out the casting kit!