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You don’t need to take an expensive trip to the dentist for a perfect smile. Combined with dual light technology with double the LED lighting, Polished London’s organic teeth whitening kit helps you to achieve that irresistible shade of white, in the comfort of your own home.

Polished London – dubbed the celebrity go-to brand for all thing’s teeth whitening, have finally launched their new whitening kit; designed to transform smiles for people looking to achieve the brightest, boldest versions of themselves. Smiles that are backed by bright, spotless teeth make maximum impressions, and Polished London is the new destination for those who wish to keep their smiles bright and clean.

Ideal for the removal of stubborn stains like coffee, tea, wine & tobacco, leaving you with a long-lasting white smile you can be proud of.

The cruelty-free and vegan teeth whitening kit is 100% safe and contains no harmful ingredients or abrasives.

Designed for home use, it is one of the most innovative teeth whitening products to enter the cosmetic dentistry industry, especially with their dual light technology. Unlike other at-home teeth whitening, this innovative device has 32 LED lights to work their magic and is considered the most advanced on the market – providing super intensity UV light to activate the signature whitening formula.

Combined, they both work to clean and whiten your teeth with results in just 15 minutes!

The waterproof kit has two settings; 10 minutes for those with sensitive teeth and 15 minutes for a light touch treatment. To make it easy to apply and avoid wasting gel, we have included measured applicators to help you. Contents include 1 x mouth tray, 3 x whitening gels, 1 x usb charger, 1 x Instruction Guide and 1 x Shade Guide

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