6 Ways to Embrace Boho Style In Your Home or Apartment

Very few people can resist the temptation of transforming their home or apartment into something so vividly as bohemian style. The sheer nature-inspired look, the freedom aspect, and the unique sophistication that the boho style exudes is what attracts most of the worshippers. However, if those who are not so keen on brimming the various textures, patterns, and hues into their cosmopolitan and timid ambient, can still fuse some aspects with the bohemian flare to get a carefree and relaxed home atmosphere. Here are some of the invigorating ideas to spruce up your décor with this unconventional lifestyle.

1. A splash of textiles

The first thing to have in mind when it comes to a bohemian vibe is adding various sensational textures. Boho style is everything but callous. The easiest way to upgrade your interior is to add a variety of textures around your living area and break the tedious outlook. For instance, you can place colorful embroidered throws or macrame pillows, insert natural fiber rugs, add upholstery, and just have any woven or burlap element to invite nature in. Play around with different shapes and materials to get the maximum out of the selected items.

2. The mix-matched art

Art plays a vital role in the bohemian style. The most effective way of embracing the true boho spirit is by hanging hand-crafted art pieces that exude nature and chic. Mix and match the decorative art and, for example, hang signature boho embellishments like an exquisite bull skull or some other nature-inspired element. You can click here for bull skulls and see how they come in an abundance of colours and sizes that can ideally fit any home. What’s more, rustic and hand-made art is a must for the true boho look, so feel free to experiment.

3. Place lush greeneries

No boho-inspired ambient will be totally equipped without some luscious greeneries. Various plants and planers maximally attract the relaxed vibe and immediately alter your home or apartment into bohemian delight. The only thing you need to do is spruce up your interior with an ample assortment of houseplants. That’s right, don’t place merely one succulent, but ravish your living space with a few prominently displayed greeneries.

4. An explosion of hues

Another quite witty and nifty way to embrace this unique style in your ambient is to add a splash of vivid colors. Bohemians absolutely love vibrant and eclectic colors, especially when it comes to details. So if you own a contemporary and modern home with warm or earthy-colored wall paint, just add some decorative accents in fiery orange, saturated purple, or deep blue. Feel free to mix patterns and colors and experiment by hanging multicolored tapestry and other metallic or jewel-tone elements.

5. Introduce a fine mix of lighting features

To complete the serene bohemian feel, you must timidly and smartly implement the lighting solutions. Believe it or not, proper warm-focused lighting will unify the bohemian touch and make it welcoming and relaxing. Place any light sources that are soothing to the eye. Some of the most enticing options are introducing warm-hued string lights, funky chandeliers, floor lamps, lanterns, or candles that come in elegantly shaped holders.

6. Go all in

It’s a known fact that bohemian style exudes maximalism rather than plain traditionalism, so there can’t be enough details, textures, or patterns that you can include. To capture the boho style in your home or apartment thoroughly layer various rugs for an extra mix of patterns and colors. Next, leave space for your eyes to rest, but insert refreshingly different details in various metals like a copper enriched vase, brazened ashtrays, or velvet curtains. Some of the most popular boho style inspirations come from Morrocan, Persian, Kilim, Indian and similar so it’s no wonder that natural elements, an abundance of patterns, and bombastic colors are one of the most dominant ones,

Designing a more boho-minded home means playing with numerous shades, patterns, and textiles. Once you blend all things harmoniously, you will create a truly bohemian atmosphere everybody would be eager to come in.