6 Useful Summer Laundry Tips

Summer is when we do the laundry more frequently, due to hot temperatures and excessive sweating. But, did you know that there are summer laundry tips that you could implement to make your clothes softer, cleaner, and more long-lasting? If you’re thinking about adding some changes to your laundry routine, then this text is for you. Therefore, read on to learn more about keeping your laundry fresh and clean on hot summer days.

1. Separate the laundry 

Sure, we all tend to wear fewer clothes during the summer, but that doesn’t mean we should take care of them properly. Usually, summer clothes tend to be lighter and more colorful. However, separating the laundry by color is an important tip that can preserve your clothes and keep them in good condition. The most useful way to separate the laundry is to use different baskets for darker and lighter clothing items. Plus, that will help you keep track of the clothes that need to be washed, which will make the laundry a much smoother and easier process. 

2. Protect your swimwear

Swimwear is often delicate, which means it deserves to be treated according to the instructions. Therefore, opting for handwashing is always a good idea, especially if you’ve just returned from the beach or the swimming pool. Still, make sure to put your swimwear in the laundry machine to thoroughly remove sea salt or chlorine, and if possible, wash it to a maximum of 30 degrees, without using the centrifuge. That way, you’ll be keeping your swimwear intact. 

3. Get some help 

Summertime is when we’re more active, which is why we tend to wash clothes more often. But in case you’re too busy to do your laundry on a regular basis, don’t be afraid to get some help. Opting for dry cleaning delivery is a great way to wash all your clothes, and get it sent to your home if you’re busy with work or travel. Just because you feel too busy or tired to take care of your clothes, doesn’t mean that there’s no helpful solution to this situation. 

4. Get the right detergent 

Using the right detergent can keep your clothes in amazing condition. Also, if you’re suffering from sensitive skin, it’s essential to use a detergent that won’t cause rashes. Plus, keep in mind that using too much detergent can actually damage your clothes. So, if you want to keep your summer clothes intact, be sure to use a gentle detergent, pair it with a quality fabric softener, and remember to use both of them in moderation. 

5. Always read the labels 

The labels on your clothes exist for a reason, and most of the time, they also have washing instructions. Therefore, before you wash any new clothes, be sure to read the instructions. This is especially important if a clothing item is delicate, or it requires a special temperature or way of washing. If hand-washing is allowed, feel free to go for it. 

6. Treat summer fabrics properly 

Summer fabrics such as cotton, silk, and linen are usually comfortable, but also delicate. Silk should be treated as delicate clothes, which means you should avoid an appropriate washing cycle that won’t ruin it. On the other hand, cotton is more versatile and durable, and you can wash it to a maximum of 60 degrees for colors, and 90 degrees for white cotton. As for linen, it’s important to remember that it absorbs humidity, which means you should wash it at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees for colorful items, and 90 degrees for white items.

These summer laundry tips will help you treat your delicate summer clothes the right way. Remember to read the instructions, use the quality detergent, and separate the laundry by dark and light colors. That will help you keep your clothes in a good state for many summers.